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Half a Lifelong Romance 情深缘起 Episode 42 Recap

Gu Manlu took out the gold bars she had accumulated over the years, and she gave it to Gu Manzhen, stating that the gold bars were used everywhere, and Gu Manzhen was allowed to use it as private money and not allowed to give it to Shen Shijun. Gu Manzhen told Gu Manlu that the ferry tickets had been bought and he was going to Nanyang the next day. Mother knew that Gu Manzhen was going to leave, she was very worried, although she was reluctant, because she was unwilling to be kidnapped by Shen Shijun like this.

Shen Shijun came to Gu’s house and knelt down to swear to his mother and grandma that he would take good care of Gu Manzhen and work hard. There was no way for her mother to make Gu Manzhen like Shen Shijun. She hoped that Shen Shijun would not disappoint Gu Manzhen’s painstaking efforts. Grandma didn’t say much, but just slapped Shen Shijun.

Gu Manzhen’s departure made Gu Manlu feel unhappy, and she was still worried about Gu Manzhen. Zhu Hongcai returned home and looked after Gu Manlu unhappy. When he thought about it, he knew that it was Gu Manzhen’s business. Only then did he learn that Gu Manzhen was going to Nanyang by boat. He persuaded Gu Manlu not to worry. Since Shen Shijun doesn’t even want a rich and beautiful woman like Shi Cuizhi. It must have been taken by Gu Manzhen.

Gu Manzhen came to Qiusheng to bid her farewell and congratulate her on having a new family. The two of them reluctantly left. Zhu Hongcai righteously killed his relatives, and told Shi Jingxuan the news he had received from Gu Manlu, saying that he would find someone to surround the dock so that Gu Manzhen and Shen Shijun could not leave. Shi Jingxuan was not worried at all, he would let Gu Manzhen come to him in person.

Shen Shijun came to pick up Gu Manzhen with a suitcase, and saw her hurriedly looking for Qiu Sheng, who suddenly disappeared. Dean Wu hurried over and said that he had seen Qiu Sheng taken away by several men in black. Shen Shijun guessed the situation of Qiusheng, and he and Gu Manzhen rushed to Shijia. On Shi Cuizhi’s birthday party, Shi’s family invited many celebrities, and Miss Du also came.

Everyone was celebrating Shi Cuizhi’s birthday. Shi Jingxuan expressed his guilt for not being with her well, and he hoped that Shi Cuizhi would be happy in the future. Shi Cuizhi was emotional. She saw Qiu Sheng being brought into the house and pushed Shi Jingxuan away.

Just as Shi Cuizhi was about to blow the candles, Shen Shijun and Gu Manzhen broke into Shi’s house and asked him to bring Qiusheng out. Shi Jingxuan was very angry, no one dared to make trouble with him so unreasonably. Shen Shijun talked back to Shi Jingxuan, expressing that he only loves Gu Manzhen.

Suddenly, Qiusheng came out crying, and the audience was quiet. Gu Manzhen ran over to hug Qiusheng. Shi Jingxuan took out his pistol and pointed it at Gu Manzhen, saying that what his daughter could not get would destroy others. Shen Shijun hurried to get in front of him, Shi Cuizhi also ran to grab Shi Jingxuan’s gun, unexpectedly hitting Shi Jingxuan, Shi Jingxuan fell to the ground and bleeds on the spot.

Shi Cuizhi was shocked on the spot, and Gu Manzhen was taken to the police station for questioning, and she took out physical evidence to let Gu Manzhen explain that she thought she was deliberately murdering Shi Jingxuan. Shen Shijun was emotional and worried that Gu Manzhen was injured and pushed the homicide evidence on himself. Gu Manlu went to the dock but did not see Shen Shijun and Gu Manzhen, and returned home unhappy.

Zhu Hongcai deliberately said nonsense and told Gu Manlu that it was Gu Manzhen who killed Shi Jingxuan. Gu Manlu didn’t believe it, she asked Shi Jingxuan to take out all the money from Caiji Foreign Company, not wanting Gu Manzhen to suffer in prison. Zhu Hongcai was reluctant. He discussed with Mrs. Shi and deliberately instigated discord. Mrs. Shi trusted Zhu Hongcai and said that he would let Gu Manzhen pay for his life.

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