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Psych-Hunter 心宅猎人 Episode 27 Recap

Sheriff Bai himself and his subordinates went to the homes or where they live and work of the women who had placed orders in the cheongsam shop, and asked people around them about them. They took the clues back to the police station, and the three of Jiang Shuo started. Analyzing the person most likely to commit a crime is Cao Yunyi who has a tendency to violence. Cao Yunyi will get pleasure from the violence, so after he hurt Chun Na, he is likely to attack other women.

So they split up immediately. Jiang Shuo, Yuan Muqing and Qin Yiheng went to the department store to find Cao Yunyi, while Sheriff Bai took people to find Pan Heng and Chen Gui. The strange thing was that Cao Yunyi did not go to work again. And Pan Heng and Chen Gui both knew Zhou Lan from the cheongsam shop. Jiang Shuo and the three immediately went to Cao Yunyi’s house. There was a bloody ear stud on the altar in his house. At this moment, a voice came from the house. They went in and found that Cao Yunyi’s mother was tied to the bed. , The body is full of scars.

Cao Yunyi’s mother regretted hurting her son, but she didn’t believe her son would kidnap someone. In order to prevent her son from going astray, she told them what her son had done. The three Jiang Shuo went to Taihua Road and found Cao Yunyi. Cao Yunyi told them that he had quarreled with Chun Na that night, but didn’t want Chun Na to disappear after she left. He also left bloody earrings, but he didn’t. Report Chun Na’s death to the police.

Cao Yunyi heard that four more women had disappeared later. Because he was afraid that he would be charged, Cheng still knew Zhou Lan himself, but insisted that he was not the murderer. All the people related to these women had an alibi, so Jiang Shuo and the others looked for another way, trying to find clues on Taihua Road. When Yuan Muqing heard about Taihua Road, he immediately remembered the place where his father had taken him. , There are traces of water droplets and stones as in the photo.

The three of Jiang Shuo went to the temple and found many bloody objects inside, and the tablets covered with white cloth on the ground were the tablets of the missing woman. Jiang Shuo found a red string and pulled it down to see that they were all Women’s cheongsam. Qin Yiheng carefully discovered that the self on the tablet was almost exactly the same as Qin Yan’s self. They returned to the police station and handed over the missing person’s belongings to the people next to them. Zhou Lan’s clerk recalled that life with Zhou Lan was very sad. Yuan Muqing comforted him a few words before leaving. Before leaving, he asked Yuan Muqing to be a model for him, saying that he wanted to make a cheongsam for his wife.

Yuan Muqing went to the cheongsam shop and asked Master Sun to measure herself. He saw the same crayons as those on the tablet and left marks on his hands. He suddenly thought of something, but now he had no time to leave. Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng were planning to investigate the coffee shop in Dongcheng. The police officer told Jiang Shuo of the result of the investigation ordered by Yuan Muqing. The marks on the tablet were painted with tailor shop crayons. Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng immediately thought of cheongsam. Shop, let’s go to the cheongsam shop without a word.

After Yuan Muqing guessed the truth, she was a little bit disheartened. Master Sun seemed to see her abnormality and almost wanted to strangle Yuan Muqing. Who knew that Yuan Muqing was so skillful that he overpowered Master Sun before Jiang Shuo and the others arrived. Master Sun was not afraid of them at all, he wanted to avenge Zhou Lan, and was unwilling to cooperate with the police to find the missing women. Seeing his crazy appearance, Jiang Shuo directly used mind reading to enter his heart house.

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