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Invisible Life 这就是生活 Episode 1 Recap

Ye Xiaobai, a native of Xi’an, a graduate student majoring in finance, in other words, is a child of someone else’s family, who has the ability to remember and looks outstanding. I met her boyfriend Sun Yan during college and fell in love with him for five years. He was about to register for marriage. After graduation, he also worked as an intern in a top securities company. She should have had a good career and love. Until the petite third person came to the house, she directly destroyed her marriage. The expectation, and then understand that a man is like rain, when love is like a galaxy falling down, and if not, the wind will pass without trace.

Now that I think about it carefully, looking back on that day, it seems to be an omen, but it happened that I received a call from my mother Ye Huifen early in the morning, concerned about her and Sun Yan’s current situation. At first, Ye Xiaobai didn’t care, but took a few sentences, then hung up the phone and swarmed into the crowd, clocked in to work as always, and stuck to his desk.

As a leader in the securities industry, Fengsheng has a handful of internships who have successfully turned up every year. Compared with the vice president Takayama who “loves the country and the beauty more,” and the cruel and mean CEO Izuzuru who is like the “big devil”, the most intern It is the immediate boss Mary Zhang that students are afraid of.

This person is shrewd and decisive, doing things vigorously and resolutely. Because of this, the iron lady Mary has a strong wrist, and the chance of being able to get a positive in her department has never been more than 10%. It is said that the day the probation ended was for the interns to resign and find a job again.

Even though Mary’s fame and frightening are frightening, there are still countless young men and women who are going to succeed, because this is life, there is not only poetry and distant places in life, there are also bank deposits to satisfy you, which is also the motivation for Ye Xiaobai to keep working hard. .

Due to the sudden threatened miscarriage of Mai Card, the female employee in charge of the follow-up project, the replacement of Mai Card is currently being arranged. It happened that Ye Xiaobai went to rescue the field and solved the mistake in time, which not only made Mary change her, but also attracted Gao Gao’s attention, so he decided to recommend Guan Yihe to participate in the guidance and acceptance of the fruit industry instead of Mai Card.

However, Ye Xiaobai has not yet noticed that good luck has come, and is still confused about the future. Fortunately, his colleague Ma Wen vaccinated her in advance, discussed the fierce competition environment, and put the cruel reality of the female workplace before him, as if You can only choose between marriage or work.

Just when Ye Xiaobai disapproved, trying to adapt to the pressure of work, he did not expect that the woman who claimed to be Sun Yan’s fiancée took the initiative to find her and showed a few wedding photos stored in her mobile phone on the spot. The two women were discussing the same man in the company lounge. It didn’t matter to the mistress and the original partner, but who the man really loved. With the phone shutting down and WeChat blocked, Ye Xiaobai’s five years of maintenance lost to one and a half years Aventure.

The woman begged Ye Xiaobai not to pester Sun Yan anymore. The cries almost spread throughout the office building. Colleagues could watch the excitement without thinking about it, but Guan Yihe only felt that it was too noisy, so he simply suspended the meeting and ordered the security to turn on the air conditioner. At the lowest point, I hope to calm the two women in this way.

In the end, Ye Xiaobai picked up mineral water and poured it on the woman’s head, ending the farce aggressively. Colleagues were still unfulfilled, and blindly inferred Ye Xiaobai’s involvement in other people’s feelings based on appearances, and the endless discussions from all corners caused secondary harm to the parties. Ye Xiaobai hid in the grocery room alone and wept bitterly, but he didn’t know Guan Yihe was sitting in a secret place and witnessed the whole process. He also ignored the boxing game in his hand. He thoughtfully watched the other party’s cry cease, and walked out of the room sadly. There was a trace of makeup print mixed with tears on the wall.

The so-called frustration in love and pride in the workplace, Ye Xiaobai never expected Mary to announce on the spot that she had officially joined the team through an internship. The sudden good luck caught her off guard. In fact, it was not necessarily a bad thing to be able to see the face of a scumbag before getting married, but Ye Xiaobai didn’t immediately let go, and instead drank a lot at the team dinner.

Originally Guan Yihe and Gaoshan appeared at the dinner party mainly because they wanted to borrow someone from Mary, but I didn’t expect to see Ye Xiaobai vent his emotions in public through his drunkenness, even without a word, using an old news to prove that he was not. Xiao San, counterattack colleagues who have unscrupulously guessed.

Mary’s face was green when she heard the words, and Mar Wen was even more frightened, and hurriedly picked up her mobile phone to secretly send a message and confess the truth to Ye Xiaobai. Regarding the old news in Ye Xiaobai’s mouth, it is nothing more than that a female colleague once intervened in Party A’s family. As a result, the relationship was revealed and Party A’s wife made trouble in the company. But Ye Xiaobai didn’t know that the female colleague was Mary now, and it was also a taboo that everyone kept silent.

To ease the atmosphere, Gaoshan informed everyone of the arrangements for the second department to go to Langshan in Hunan next week. If anyone wants to participate, they can actively register. Although the opportunity to do projects with big names in the industry is extremely rare, if you want to fight for this opportunity, it means offending Mary. As colleagues around him were whispering, Ye Xiaobai took the lead in raising his hand and yelling me to go.

The candidate for mobilization has been determined. Mary loses a member and is naturally in a bad mood, and then refuses to Guan Yihe’s good intentions to send her home, and leaves directly. Ye Xiaobai mistakenly recognized the license plate number, mistakenly regarded Guan Yihe as the pick-up driver, and fell directly into the back seat, drunk and unconscious.

Wang Yueyue refused to accept the company’s favoritism, and resigned decisively and returned to the bed and breakfast shop opened by his father. Don’t look at his father’s name, but there is also a daughter named Ye in this city, who is also her half-sister Ye Xiao. White. Since Ye Huifen was unable to contact Ye Xiaobai for a long time, she simply called her ex-husband and asked him to check the situation at her daughter’s residence.

Ye Xiaobai was sent home by Guan Yihe, charged the phone in a silly manner, and answered Ye Huifen’s video faintly. Ye Huifen noticed that Ye Xiaobai was drinking, so she asked her to turn the camera around the room to prove the safety of the environment. Originally, Ye Xiaobai was still in a dazed state, until he saw Guan Yihe had finished handling the vomit on his body and walked out of the bathroom. He suddenly recovered a little sober, suggesting that he quickly avoided the camera.

After hanging up Ye Huifen’s video, Ye Xiaobai angrily broke the porcelain puppet that Sun Yan gave her. Guan Yihe looked at the mess on the ground, but didn’t take it seriously, and then informed Ye Xiaobai that he was going to participate in the group project. At this time, the prince found it based on the address, and Guan Yihe ignored the father and daughter and left directly.

In the evening, the prince decided to stay on the sofa for one night for the safety of his daughter. Ye Xiaobai couldn’t sleep, the prince looked for a topic to chat with his daughter, and after the chat he even talked about him and Ye Huifen.

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