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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 34 Recap

Because of the warning and approach of the female plague god, Zhao Zimo was afraid that Xia Qin would be involved, and decided to start being an “annoying boyfriend”, hoping that Xia Qin could alienate him. Bluffing God and Shancai felt wrong, but Zhao Zi defaulted that protecting Xiaqin was the most important thing at the moment, and insisted on implementing the plan.

At the same time, under Zhang Zhenyu’s persuasion, Xiaqin agreed to form a group around the island with fellow villagers in Lao Cai, and also invited Zhao Zimo to travel together and participate in tourism. Shao Deshou and Cai Ruping invited Xie Yushu to eat at home. The two elders of the Shao family deliberately matched their daughter and Yushu. Zhang Liqian was silent at the dinner table, which seemed to be unpleasant. Shao Zi returned Aniu’s mobile phone to Zhang Liqian, which was full of probing. Zhang Liqian unlocked his phone, recalling the past, but he accidentally “read” Shao Zi’s message. It turned out that Zhang Liqian had long remembered everything about Aniu! ! ! !

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