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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 33 Recap

Bluffing God pretends to be Zhao Zimo and came to the Lingxiao Hotel. Zhao Zimo’s deity came to stop him, fearing that he would be “ruined by the bluffing God,” and had to “replace the truth for the fake”. He appeared handsome as a dark horse prince. Tianqin and Shao Zi are pleased, and the employees warmly welcome Zhao Zimo back. The Grand Opening of Lianlian Sweet Tea Room! Xia Qin thanked everyone for their efforts, except for the dessert master Yan Yifan and Deng Wenlin, she also directly named Zhao Zimo for their help and company.

Back to the office after the event, Xia Qin asked Zhao Zimo the real reason for leaving, and Zhao Zimo finally confessed that he liked Xia Qin. Xia Xian’s anger turned into joy and panic. The business on the first day of Lianlian Sweet Tea Room was not very satisfactory. Everyone’s morale was a little frustrated. Xia Qin and Sophia suggested using Zhao Zimo’s “Dark Knight” photo of the dark horse prince as a promotional point. Although Zhao Zimo resisted, he still bit the bullet. accepted.

The Zhang Group’s renovation of the old street is continuing. Zhang Qihong reminded Zhang Liqian to remember his identity and mission, which made Zhang Liqian feel pressured and helpless. After he returned to Lingxiao Village to have a supper, Shao Zi saw that Li Qian was in a low mood, and he boldly accompanied his meal and drinks. After a few glasses of wine, Li Qian accidentally blurted out the keyword “Daxiong Doll”. When Shao Zi heard it, the wine woke up… because Zhang Liqian didn’t even know the existence of “Daxiong Doll”! ?

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