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Half a Lifelong Romance 情深缘起 Episode 41 Recap

Shi Cuizhi has been helping Shen Shijun to speak, always leaning toward him. Shi Jingxuan worried that Shi Cuizhi would suffer. Shi Cuizhi said that she would fight for her own happiness and she was mature. Gu Manlu took Zhu Hongcai back to her family for dinner. The family was happy. Mother and grandma were happy to see Gu Manlu happy. Gu Manlu persuaded Gu Manzhen to get her married quickly.

The neighbors always pointed fingers at her mother and grandma. She reminded Gu Manzhen that Shen Shijun and Shi Cuizhi always worked together at Longtai. She was worried that the two would be in love with each other, so Gu Manzhen must make up his mind. . Zhu Hongcai has been eavesdropping at the door.

Gu Manzhen returned to the orphanage and saw Shen Shijun doing charity to help wash the dishes. Gu Manzhen was cheeky and said that the money he donated to the orphanage would not be repaid, nor would he leave Shen Shijun. Shen Shijun took the ticket to go out to Nanyang and asked Gu Manzhen to go with him, and the two hugged sweetly. Shen Shijun told Gu Manzhen that he would take her to live in Nanyang. Gu Manzhen felt very happy. When he thought of leaving here with Shen Shijun, they could live a real married life.

Suddenly her lumbar spine flashed when Mother Gu was washing the dishes, and she couldn’t move, and she kept complaining of pain. Grandma helped her massage her by the side. Grandma hurriedly called Zhang Yujin. Zhang Yujin came to Gu’s house and saw that Gu’s mother was in such pain. Zhang Yujin wanted to carry her to the hospital. Gu’s mother said that men and women were not married. Zhang Yujin had to help her to the hospital, and she could only walk backwards.

Gu’s mother heard that Zhang Yujin didn’t have a house to live in, and asked him to move to her own house, so she stayed in Gu Manlu’s room, and the rent was collected. Qiusheng and Gu Manzhen were playing together. Dean Wu called Gu Manzhen over. Qiusheng’s distant relatives came to her and wanted to take her away. It turned out that Qiusheng and his grandma had lived with relatives at that time. The relatives had no children and wanted to adopt Qiusheng, but they asked for a name change.

Later, his grandma took Qiusheng away and they had been looking for them. Dean Wu told Gu Manzhen that his relatives could adopt Qiusheng, and they would also visit from time to time, so Gu Manzhen was relieved. Gu Manzhen was worried, she was more worried, but seeing Qiu Sheng could have a home of her own, she felt relieved.

Shi Cuizhi was about to celebrate her birthday and invited Miss Du to dinner at home, expressing her gratitude to her for taking care of Longtai’s business. Ms. Du has been matching Shi Cuizhi and Shen Shijun on the table and discussing how to organize a birthday party for her.

Zhu Hongcai asked Gu Manlu if he wanted to confuse her. He was a little nervous when he heard that Gu Manlu had an idea to let Shen Shijun and Gu Manzhen leave. Gu Manzhen saw Zhang Yujin had moved in and told him he planned to leave here with Shen Shijun. Shen Shijun came to say goodbye to Shi Cuizhi. Shi Cuizhi heard something in the words, she did not allow Shen Shijun to leave her, and also expressed her feelings to him. Shen Shijun apologized to her and said that she only had Gu Manzhen in her heart.

Gu Manzhen personally took care of Chaos. She was a little bit reluctant to leave her mother and grandma. Grandma supported her and Shen Shijun to leave here, and gave her savings to Gu Manzhen. Gu Manzhen gave her grandmother the pre-prepared medicine, so that they should take care of themselves.

Gu Manzhen sent Chaos over to Gu Manlu. Gu Manlu knew that she was leaving and told her a lot of thoughts. The two talked to each other. Gu Manzhen said that when he went to Nanyang, he would write to Gu Manlu immediately, and both expressed reluctance to each other.

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