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Psych-Hunter 心宅猎人 Episode 25 Recap

Mei Niang watched the village chief die in front of her, and finally stopped struggling. Sheriff Bai led people into the Palace of Bliss and rescued the victims. Jiang Shuo and Yuan Muqing looked at Liu who were unwilling to leave Su Min. Qing, could not help thinking of each other. Yuan Muqing was worried about Jiang Shuo’s injury, but Jiang Shuo was worried about Yuan Muqing. He didn’t want Yuan Muqing to follow him all day to escape, so he removed her from the six-finger investigation team. Expelled. But Jiang Shuo couldn’t stop Yuan Muqing’s behavior. Yuan Muqing followed him voluntarily.

At this time, Sergeant Bai came out, and they found nothing in the Palace of Bliss. This did not allow Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng to recall the clues left by Six Fingers at Shang Yu’s house. The letter sent to Shang Yu did not seem to be Six Fingers. While they were chatting, they suddenly saw an old man hiding in the corner looking at them. Qin Yiheng recognized his father at a glance. This person was Qin Yi who had been missing for a long time. Qin Yiheng, Jiang Shuo and Yuan Muqing hurriedly Caught up.

The three of them chased Qin Yi along a Jiangjun River to a mountain front. Jiang Shuo keenly discovered that a stone was deliberately designed here, so Yuan Muqing stayed to take care of Qin Yi, and Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng entered the cave. There is a huge Rubik’s Cube in the cave, exactly like the place in Jiang Shuo’s house. On the wall is written “Mr. Six Fingers’ Tomb”. Jiang Shuo reaches out to touch the Rubik’s Cube. According to the appearance of the Rubik’s Cube in his house, Jiang Shuo arranges it. Rubik’s Cube, a door opened.

Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng walked into the tomb. There was only a six-finger dead man’s bone inside. Qin Yi rushed in at this moment and pointed at the six fingers insanely. The three had no choice but to take Qin Yi to the hospital first. Qin Yi muttered words such as “Caution Six Fingers” and “Yinhe”. Qin Yiheng found Jiang Shuo and asked him to take him into Qin Yi’s heart house, where they found the strange character “Jiu”. Both the death of Zhao Ling and the mental disorder of Old Man Qin made Jianshuo and Qin Yiheng unclear about what Six Fingers wanted to do. They had to go to the post office to find clues.

The chief of the post office told them that the picture was of the postman Zhang Heng of the Jiu branch. The Jiu branch was said to be able to receive replies from the dead, so it shut down afterwards. The director pointed them to the road to Zhang Heng’s home, Jiang Shuo. Going with Yuan Muqing, Qin Yiheng went to the Jiuhao branch to investigate. Qin Yiheng learned about the origin of the dead post office from an aunt, and he went to check the letters in the families of the dead. When Jiang Shuo and Yuan Muqing went to the postman’s house, they found that it had been abandoned for a long time, and Zhang Heng was dead.

The three met in the courtyard. Zhang Heng was dead, but there were still letters from the undead. At this moment, someone came to report that there might be an undead murder. It was a couple who died. The couple received a letter from Wu Meng, but Wu Meng was already dead. The girl who reported the crime was the daughter of the Lin family. She saw Wu Meng floating in the pool with her own eyes. Based on her understanding of Wu Meng, they found that Wu Meng had a debt dispute with them, so Jiang Shuo and Yuan Muqing went to Wu Meng At home, Qin Yiheng and Sheriff Bai went to the Bank of Great Britain.

The Wu family and the Lin family were doing business together, but the Lin family did not repay the debt with Wu Meng. In the end, the Wu family fell and broke up. Wu Meng’s wife knew her husband well and did not believe that the cowardly Wu Meng would die after his death. I can get revenge. Qin Yiheng and Sheriff Bai also returned from the bank. The Lin family bought insurance, and the beneficiary was their daughter, Miss Lin. At this moment, Miss Lin received a letter from her dead father. They compared the handwriting of Wu Meng and Aunt Wang’s husband. The seals on the letters were all nine mailboxes, but the handwriting was somewhat different.

To find out, Yuan Muqing and Ms. Lin put a letter in the mailbox together. Ms. Lin sent it to her father, and Yuan Muqing sent it to her brother. Strangely, Jiang Shuo didn’t keep it all night. Seeing people, I went to check the mailbox the next morning, only to find that the letters in it disappeared.

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