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Half a Lifelong Romance 情深缘起 Episode 40 Recap

When Gu Manlu heard that Gu Manzhen didn’t want to go downstairs, she asked Zhu Hongcai to go upstairs and invite Gu Manzhen to be like her brother-in-law. Zhu Hongcai flinched and went upstairs to apologize to Gu Manzhen, saying that he was indeed a bastard before, but now he only wants to marry Gu Manlu. Gu Manzhen was very angry. She slapped Zhu Hongcai three slaps in succession, saying that she slapped Zhu Hongcai on behalf of her grandmother, mother, and herself.

Each slap represented a debt to her sister, but she did not expect that it was Gu Manlu who was the last one to marry Zhu Hongcai . Gu Manzhen firmly disagreed, but when she heard that Gu Manlu was pregnant with Zhu Hongcai’s child, she stopped fighting.

Gu Manlu was getting married with Zhu Hongcai. She liked it very much when she saw the wedding dress. She didn’t expect that she could still wear a wedding dress in this life. Gu Manzhen was also happy for her, but she was reluctant. Gu Manlu knew that she had supported the whole family, but she was also ashamed of the family. She and Zhu Hongcai were not of the same kind.

They did not dislike each other. In front of Zhu Hongcai, she could live very comfortably. Gu Manlu doesn’t complain about the family, just hope they are safe and happy. Gu Manzhen still congratulated Gu Manlu and let her pursue her own happiness. Although it was heard that Zhu Hongcai lied to her, Gu Manlu was not pregnant at all.

Looking at the wedding of Gu Manlu and Zhu Hongcai, Gu Manzhen hoped that she would be happy. Shen Shijun hugged Gu Manzhen. Gu Manlu gave him inspiration. He felt that he was too hesitant to do things because of his family and Longtai. He was ready to leave everything behind and be brave to be with Gu Manzhen. .

Gu Manlu wanted to give birth to Zhu Hongcai since she got married. She cooks soup every day to make up for Zhu Hongcai. In the evening, she also asks Zhu Hongcai to accompany her to make a villain. Zhu Hongcai is unwilling. He always thinks about Shi Jingxuan’s affairs. Going to the cinema to sleep is just to avoid Gu Manlu’s request.

Shi Cuizhi ran to the orphanage to find Gu Manzhen, and told her that Shen Shijun had misappropriated the purchase price of Longtai fur. Shi Cuizhi insisted that it was Gu Manzhen who forced Shen Shijun to take the money, believing it was stealing, and questioning Gu Manzhen’s character. Gu Manzhen was very angry. She said that she would pay back the money as soon as possible. Although she was not aware of this matter, she knew that Shen Shijun must have misappropriated public funds for the donation from the orphanage.

Shen Shijun wanted to leave Longtai and truly be with Gu Manzhen. He asked Xu Shuhui of Nanyang to find a new job for himself and Gu Manzhen. There was a knot in Shi Jingxuan’s heart. He couldn’t bear to watch Shi Cuizhi run with Shen Shijun every day, knowing that Shen Shijun always thought of Gu Manzhen in his heart and worried that Shi Cuizhi was being bullied. Zhu Hongcai told Gu Manlu about this matter. One was Shi Jingxuan and the other was Gu Manzhen. He didn’t know what to do to weigh it.

Shi Cuizhi is preparing for her birthday, and Shi Jingxuan is preparing to hold a banquet for her to celebrate. Shen Shijun is responsible for contacting government officials and business people. Gu’s mother cleaned up Gu Manlu’s room and planned to rent it out to earn some money. Gu Manzhen disagreed, thinking that Gu Manlu wanted to go home and have no place to live. Gu’s mother was not happy. She knew that Gu Manlu lived in a bungalow and would not return to this small place. Unexpectedly, Gu Manlu came home suddenly and appeared in front of her.

Shi Jingxuan was very upset, thinking that Shi Cuizhi did not tell the truth to him, but he could not bear to punish Shi Cuizhi, so he threw a ring that he had worn for a long time into the water. Shi Cuizhi was very anxious, saying that Shen Shijun’s embezzlement of public funds had other secrets, and she did not say it.

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