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Half a Lifelong Romance 情深缘起 Episode 39 Recap

Gu Manzhen wanted to take Qiu Sheng home, and Shen Shijun worried that her family would disagree. Both mother and grandma didn’t agree to keep Qiusheng, and Gu Manlu asked Gu Manzhen to open the skylight to speak up. She knew what Gu Manzhen meant. Gu Manzhen wanted to keep Qiusheng, and wanted to give her a lot of love, saying that he could rent a house.

Gu Manlu disagreed, thinking that Qiusheng’s appearance was like a thorn. Gu Manzhen only hoped that Gu Manlu would apologize to Qiu Sheng. After all, she and Zhu Hongcai killed Qiu Sheng’s grandmother. But Gu Manlu was unwilling to apologize, thinking that everyone in this world was sorry for her. Gu Manzhen got angry and took Qiu Sheng away from home.

Shen Shijun wanted to advance Longtai’s money, but Liang Shu absolutely disagreed, thinking it was a bad rule. Gu Manlu came to Paramount and talked about business with Mr. Charlie. The two drank Chinese liquor first, and then invited them to dance together. Mr. Charlie was very satisfied with Caiji Foreign Company. Zhu Hongcai was very happy and promised that Gu Manlu would satisfy any request of Mr. Charlie as long as she took the order from Mr. Charlie. Gu Manlu offered to leave her current home.

Gu’s mother came to Longtai to find Shen Shijun. They couldn’t find Gu Manzhen anymore. Gu Manzhen took Qiu Sheng away and didn’t go home all night. After Shen Shijun found out, he hurried to the orphanage, only to see Zhang Yujin also looking for Gu Manzhen. Gu Manzhen took Qiusheng to play around, and never thought of anyone who cared about her. Shen Shijun found Gu Manzhen and Qiusheng on the tram. He hugged Gu Manzhen tightly. Gu Manzhen sighed, feeling that Gu Manlu had changed.

Shen Shijun and Liang Shu said that he should not be asked for money, but he only wanted to help Gu Manzhen, and did not want Gu Manzhen to be displaced with Qiusheng. Uncle Liang was very impressed and said that he was also hungry at the gate of Yuantai and was taken in by Master Shen. He reminded Shen Shijun that as long as he took Miss Du’s fur bill, he would have money to spend.

Shi Cuizhi waited for Ms. Du at the gate of Longtai. Ms. Du was the number one lady in Shanghai, and many reporters and fans were also waiting for her. In front of the reporters, Shi Cuizhi expressed that she would ask Miss Du to be Longtai’s chief model. The two took a group photo and Shen Shijun watched silently from a distance. Shen Shijun saw that Shi Cuizhi did a good job and asked her to continue Longtai’s public relations business, while he was completely focused on Gu Manzhen.

Shen Shijun came to the orphanage with the money, hoping that Dean Wu would agree to his request. As long as they are willing to take in Qiusheng, he would definitely donate to the orphanage to raise funds. He also hoped that Dean Wu could keep the secret for him and not tell Gu Manzhen. Gu Manzhen originally wanted to resign, but she was very happy to hear that Dean Wu said that he had donated money and that Qiu Sheng could stay.

Gu Manlu is about to get married, Zhu Hongcai bought her a high-end bungalow, which is full of luxurious furnishings. Shi Cuizhi found that there was a problem with Longtai’s accounts, and asked Liang Shu to question. Liang Shu did not want to tell Shen Shijun about the loan, and took responsibility for him. Shi Cuizhi asked Liangshu to hand over the accounts to herself, thinking that he was not suitable for this job when he was old. Shi Cuizhi was reluctant and accused Shen Shijun of not embezzling public funds, so that he could not explain to Shi Jingxuan. If this happened again, a general meeting of shareholders would be held.

Zhu Hongcai came to Gu’s family to propose marriage and gave a lot of dowry gifts. His mother hoped that Zhu Hongcai would treat Gu Manlu well, and his grandma told Zhu Hongcai to love Gu Manlu and tell the truth to her. Zhu Hongcai gave the betrothal gift next to him, and finally took out the bird’s nest, but his mother said that Gu Manzhen did not want to go downstairs.

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