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To Love 最初的相遇,最后的别离 Episode 39 Recap

Lele had a good appetite today, and he ate more than usual, which gave Feng Weixing at least some comfort.

Niya came to Xiaoou’s home and became suspicious of the abnormal relationship between Lao Feng and Xiaoou these days. Faced with Xiaoou’s accusation of Feng Weixing’s murder, Niya’s face changed and she recalled that on New Year’s Eve, Feng The details of the satellite’s enthusiasm for her and the overly caring about the bathroom lights in her life, froze on the sofa. Xiaoou knew that all this was very cruel to the pregnant Niya, but she couldn’t wake a person pretending to be asleep.

Niya refused to believe that Feng Weixing was using herself as a cover, that he did not believe that he killed someone, and even thought Xiaoou was crazy. Only then will the whimsical fantasies make Lao Feng commit the crime, and the two will fall apart. And Zhao Tinghui returned to the scene of the corpse, this time he finally made a new discovery.

Niya returned home, went to the bathroom, and tried to open a piece of the ceiling. Finally, the dark money fell into her eyes. Fang Niya was anxious and angry, and she moved her baby under the mood swings. Angry, she was about to give birth, she didn’t want to call Feng Weixing, so she directly dialed 120. Under the nurse’s questioning, Niya finally said the phone number of Lao Feng. Feng Weixing who rushed to the hospital was very concerned about the safety of Niya and the child, as well as the newborn’s cord blood. He wanted to use this to save Lele. Life.

After hearing her daughter’s cry, Niya burst into tears. Feng Weixing outside the delivery room was full of joy for the arrival of the child. After Xiaoou came, Niya walked away Feng Weixing and told her that she was on the ceiling of the house. Found a lot of money, Lao Feng does have a problem.

After an expedited test of the hair found at the corpse site, it was discovered that the hair belonged to Zhan Yu, which disappointed Zhao Tinghui. Xiaoou couldn’t get through to Zhao Tinghui, but she couldn’t wait. She tried to unlock Feng Weixing’s house, and finally saw the stolen money Niya told her, but she accidentally knocked all the money to the ground, terrified.

I discovered that there was a corpse knife and Zhan Yu’s mobile phone inside, but what Xiaoou didn’t know was that Feng Weixing had just returned home at this time and just heard her call to Zhao Tinghui. Feng Weixing would not give her. While continuing to talk, Xiaoou’s cell phone was taken away from behind. Zhao Tinghui yelled badly and immediately arranged personnel to go to Feng Weixing’s house.

Faced with Xiaoou’s hysterical questioning, Feng Weixing indifferently denied it, but even if he didn’t admit it anymore, the hard facts were in front of him, the truth finally came to light, and she was rigorous and saved. She packed the evidence into her bag and was about to leave Feng Weixing’s home. In the face of Feng Weixing, who played the emotional card, Xiaoou said with heartache that he had missed the opportunity to repent and rehabilitate. Although he owed him his life, rigorousness did nothing wrong and could not be his replacement.

Now that Feng Weixing tears off his hypocritical mask, it is no longer a matter of a few words to influence. The two had a dispute, and the knife was deeply inserted into Xiaoou’s abdomen in panic. Although it was an accident, Feng Weixing did not To save her, she turned and left the scene. She was seriously injured lying on the ground, holding the ring in her hand, recalling the rigorous wedding. When she passed out, she still had a smile on her face.

When Zhao Tinghui rushed to Feng Weixing’s house, he saw Xiaoou lying in a pool of blood, and his heart was upset. The ambulance soon arrived. He gritted his teeth: Feng Weixing is bound to be arrested!

After Feng Weixing came out of the house, he drove to the hospital desperately. He looked at the son inside with a smile through the window, with blood on his hands. At this time, the police with live ammunition aimed at the back of his head. This cruel murderer The crazy demon finally got his due.

Zhao Tinghui sent Strict out of the detention center with a heavy heart. The old couple Cheng at the gate of the detention center also looked distressed. Strict couldn’t help but beat the drums in their hearts. What about Ji Xiaoou?

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