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The Envy Code รหัสริษยา Episode 14 Recap

Palai (Pink Ploy-Paphawadee) and Siwa (Bank-Athit) started to love each other and then Palai became pregnant. Without myself even knowing Until visiting Thana (Great-Sapon) at home and fainted Thanas took him to see a doctor. But refused to tell Thana Which Thanana knew when he went to bring the medicine to Palai Therefore knew about it, but Palai asked not to tell Siva about it She said I would tell myself.

Parai continues to solve the game. Rasika (Pim-Pimphan) with Wut (X-Thitinan) by deceitful evaluation (Phon-Poolphat) sign the transfer of shares to The appraisal was very enraged enough to know the truth, so I thought of a plan to trap and kill Vuth and Palai But Siva came to help in time. But unfortunately the degree was assessed and shot to death.

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