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Psych-Hunter 心宅猎人 Episode 24 Recap

The people who were going to the Palace of Bliss the next morning gathered in the inn. Before leaving, the village chief prepared a big meal for them, but they were not allowed to not eat. When Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng found out that something was wrong, the people around them became fainted. In the past, he also fainted weakly. When I woke up, I was already on Liu Tuozi’s boat. Liu Tuozi sent them to a river hut. There was a secret passage in the hut. Liu Tuozi greeted them to enter the so-called “Paradise Palace”.

I saw some pictures on the wall of the secret road. The two people inside were all six fingers. Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng entered a room with Liu Tuozi. Qin Yiheng subconsciously covered his mouth and nose with a cloth. He was reading the record in Su Min’s book. After that, he was already vigilant, and he also stopped Jiang Shuo in time, which didn’t let him be confused. Qin Yiheng asked Jiang Shuo to take him into the hearts of these unconscious people. These people lived in their dreams, and what they wanted appeared in their hallucinations. This was probably the effect that the Palace of Bliss wanted.

They left the beggar’s heart and blew out a burning lamp. The people who had been addicted to the illusion were rolling all over. Jiang Shuo saw a flying insect, and they were all people on the way out. Qin Yiheng still knew that they were all powerful and powerful people in Chang Shanzhou, and they were all very weak now. Yuan Muqing, who woke up on the other side, also entered the room Jiang Shuo had just left, and when he saw these people, he hurried out to find someone to help him.

Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng followed the insects to a pharmacy. There was a woman who was tied up inside. Coincidentally, this person was Qin Yiheng’s senior sister, who was kidnapped by the village head and Mei Niang to force her. Give them medicines, and they use them to make people addicted to make a lot of money. The elder sister had escaped and asked for help. Jiang Shuo and the others remembered that what Yuan Muqing had said before was true. Someone was asking them for help, but they were arrested later.

On the other side, Yuan Muqing met the village head on the way to find people. Although Yuan Muqing felt something was wrong, he still had no time to leave. He was tied to a room by the village head. Inside, Senior Brother Su Min was also tied up. The village head Excited in front of them, and no longer caring about them, Su Min took the opportunity to explain with Yuan Muqing why he came here. Mei Niang met with the village head and mentioned Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng, but the village head didn’t care.

The proprietress Mei Niang went to the hut in the river alone, and happened to meet Jiang Shuo, Qin Yiheng and her senior sister Liu Qing who had escaped from the Palace of Bliss. She was hypnotized by Jiang Shuo’s mind-reading technique without checking, and Jiang Shuo tied Mei Niang to the pharmacy room. , Mei Niang was not afraid at all, and threatened Jiang Shuo with Yuan Muqing. Qin Yiheng didn’t listen to Mei Niang’s words, and before Jiang Shuo left, he asked the senior sister not to be fooled by Mei Niang, but the senior sister was still persuaded by Mei Niang.

She was worried that she and Su Min would be found revenge after they left, so she accepted Mei Niang’s words and took medicine. Stunned Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng, and Mei Niang left the pharmacy room. At this time, Chief Bai had found some clues and led people to the Yanjia Village to search. Many people died here, which made Chief Bai very angry.

Mei Niang took Liu Qing to see Su Min. Liu Qing was too late to talk to Su Min, and quickly stopped Mei Niang who wanted to do something to Yuan Muqing. She wanted to use Yuan Muqing, Jiang Shuo, and Qin Yiheng to try her new medicine. Mei Niang and the village chief were really happy when they heard that, and immediately agreed to this statement, and then took them to the pharmacy to test the medicine.

Jiang Shuo and Yuan Muqing had planned everything long ago, deliberately cooperating with the senior sister to attract Mei Niang to the bait. A few people fought, and the village head unfortunately died. Su Min was also dying to save Liu Qing, and finally lost his breath. Outside the Palace of Bliss, Chief Bai has already walked towards the Palace of Bliss under the leadership of Liu Tuozi.

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