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Psych-Hunter 心宅猎人 Episode 23 Recap

The clues given by Liuzhi reached Zhao Ling. Only Jiang Shuo was the only one who survived that year. Seeing Qin Yiheng looking frustrated, Jiang Shuo and Yuan Muqing hurriedly comforted him. At this time, White Police Chang sent a clue about Six Fingers found in Shang Yu’s house. The three of Jiang Shuo opened it and saw that there was actually a map to Yinhe, as if six fingers told Jiang Shuo, “He will wait for him in Yinhe.”

Jiang Shuo didn’t want Yuan Muqing to take risks, so he set off with Qin Yiheng alone to find Yinhe. Who knew that Yuan Muqing sneaked into their car. On the way, Yuan Muqing saw a strange woman with a red string, but when When everyone looked over, there was nothing. The three of them stopped struggling to stay in the wilderness and came to Yanjia Village. The market here was still very lively at night. They found a restaurant to sit down and were ready to inquire about some news.

When several people were eating and drinking in the restaurant, they heard a few people talking about the Palace of Bliss. Those who entered the Palace of Bliss were as powerful as bulls and slams of money after they came out, and it was very difficult to enter the Palace of Bliss. The three Jiang Shuo saw the village. After growing up with the skills of the people around him, he became suspicious of the Palace of Bliss. The village chief sent a red rope to the four people who wanted to go to the Palace of Bliss, saying that someone would come and pick them up to the Palace of Bliss, and asked them to tie the red rope to their wrists, and then took the proprietress Mei Niang upstairs. The three Jiang Shuo who were watching the play also watched them leave vigilantly.

Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng suspected that this Palace of Bliss is likely to be related to Yinhe. They planned to find out. The three of them got up early the next morning to find the boss. Unexpectedly, there was no one outside. The village seemed to be overnight. Became a deserted village. The three of them looked around and walked into the ancestral hall of Yanjiacun. Yuan Muqing checked their genealogy. The genealogy that was originally only for the dead was written with the names of many people they met yesterday.

The three Jiang Shuo didn’t stay in the ancestral hall for a long time. They met a person as soon as they went out. That person was recognized by Qin Yiheng as his senior brother Su Min when he went abroad to study. Su Min, who was originally ambitious, has now become a farmer, Qin Yiheng Xiang He asked about his experience during this time, Su Min looked strange, just persuading them to leave here quickly. But the three of them would not leave here easily before they found Yinhe, so Jiang Shuo and Yuan Muqing went back to the inn to continue searching for information, and Qin Yiheng went to the inn to send information to Chief Bai.

Jiang Shuo and Yuan Muqing did not find anything at the inn’s wife. They found Wang Sixteen who was dead before passing a yard. They wanted to ask his brother Su Min for help before Qin Yiheng came back, but Su Min didn’t want to be with them. Go out and even persuade them not to investigate the matter again. After Yuan Muqing showed out his police officer ID, Su Min hesitated to agree to go with them to check on Wang Sixteen, and concluded that this person died after taking an overdose.

Su Min seems to know some of the internal affairs of Yanjia Village. In the mass graves in the back mountain of Yanjia Village, there are so many dead people like King Sixteen. The things here are far more complicated than they thought, but Su Min did not want to Then go to the mass grave with them, and leave first. In order to protect Yuan Muqing, Jiang Shuo deliberately distracted her first, and went to the mass grave for investigation. All the dead in the mass grave had traces of rope on their wrists.

Yuan Muqing, who was about to go to the mass grave and meet Jiang Shuo, saw Su Min returning when he returned to Wang Sixteen. After seeing Su Min taking the red rope from Wang Sixteen’s wrist, he secretly followed Su. When Min left, he also left Jiang Shuo with the word “help me”. Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng saw the clues left by Yuan Muqing and rushed to Su Min’s home. On the other side, Yuan Muqing and Su Min entered a tunnel. Seeing her following, Su Min had to knock her unconscious.

Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng didn’t find Su Min, but they saw various information about Yanjia Village in his home. Yan people have six fingers and are proficient in mind reading. They also saw a box of red rope. Jiang Shuo and the other two could only go back to the inn to find the proprietress. After receiving the bribes from the two, the proprietress immediately arranged for them to enter the Palace of Bliss.

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