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Half a Lifelong Romance 情深缘起 Episode 38 Recap

After Gu Manlu and Gu Manzhen had a dispute, the two sisters lost their tempers when they quarreled, and their relationship became more and more rigid. Zhu Hongcai visited Gu’s house and took Gu Manlu to eat western food. He always offered Gu Manlu as a fairy sister. Gu Manlu asked Zhu Hongcai when he would marry her and asked him to give an explanation.

Shen Shijun came to the orphanage to look for Gu Manzhen. Gu Manzhen was walking in the maple forest. Shen Shijun ran up to hold her. Gu Manzhen felt like a dream. Shen Shijun really hoped that when he was in trouble, he wanted Gu Manzhen by his side. When he came back from Nanjing, he wanted to talk to Gu Manzhen. Gu Manzhen also said that she wanted Shen Shijun very much, but she could only forget all her worries by staying with the children in the orphanage.

Gu Manlu was in a good mood and bought a lot of things for her mother and grandma. Grandma persuaded Gu Manlu not to continue doing stupid things. Her mother also persuaded Gu Manlu that if she didn’t really like Zhu Hongcai, she should not be with him, so as not to be implicated by Zhu Hongcai. The mother’s wish is to reconcile the two sisters and take pictures of each other.

After Qiusheng was sober, Gu Manzhen told her a story, telling the story of her sister and Gu Manlu. She hoped that Qiusheng would be her sister, and Qiusheng was very willing. Shen Shijun discussed with Gu Manzhen about Qiusheng. Gu Manzhen expressed that she wanted to take care of Qiusheng. Shen Shijun thought that she was too simple to be responsible for it.

Gu Manlu came to the orphanage to apologize to Gu Manzhen, and hoped that Gu Manzhen would not blame herself, but that she could help them. But Qiusheng ran to give Gu Manzhen a snack. After seeing Gu Manlu, she was terrified and bit Gu Manlu’s hand. Gu Manzhen looked at Qiusheng’s statement, and Gu Manlu was there when her grandma was killed that night.

Gu Manzhen strongly demanded Gu Manlu to apologize to Qiusheng. She didn’t believe in Gu Manlu at all, so that only an apology could clear her guilt. Gu Manlu was very chilling. She always wanted to be upright, but she always had unclear misunderstandings.

Mother and grandma looked down on Gu Manlu’s money and thought it was dirty, but they felt sorry for Gu Manlu, but they didn’t know how to express it every time. Shen Shijun was always worried about Gu Manzhen, and seeing Zhang Yujin coming, he expressed his position. Shen Shijun didn’t know what happened between Zhang Yujin and Gu Manlu, but he sighed whether people must repent until the time comes. Zhang Yujin reminded Shen Shijun to make his promise to Gu Manzhen as soon as possible, otherwise there would be nothing to do.

Shen Shijun came back to Longtai and saw Shi Cuizhi sleeping in Longtai Hall. The two discussed about Miss Du’s fur together. Shi Cuizhi also prepared dinner for him. When Shi Cuizhi returned home, she was also busy with Longtai’s work. Shi Jingxuan allowed her to talk about her heart and told her to fight for her own happiness.

Shi Cuizhi sent furs to Miss Du and wanted to ask her to be Longtai’s chief model. She believed that as the number one lady in Shanghai, there would be many celebrities to follow her. Qiusheng can be discharged from the hospital. Zhang Yujin did not contact Qiusheng’s other relatives. Gu Manzhen said that he would help Qiusheng.

Grandma received a call from Zhu Hongcai, preventing him from coming to Gu Manlu and hung up the phone cruelly. After Gu Manlu saw it, she thought that grandma was always partial to Gu Manzhen, and grandma also said a lot of her heart, just hoping that Gu Manlu would be better. Gu Manzhen wanted to keep Qiu Sheng in the orphanage, but Dean Wu disagreed, saying that there were too many monks and porridge.

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