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Half a Lifelong Romance 情深缘起 Episode 37 Recap

Gu Manlu didn’t want Gu Manzhen to be the laughing stock of others. She felt that Gu Manzhen was too stupid. Gu Manzhen kept thinking about the apology that Master Shen was dying, and she didn’t understand why people always tell the truth when they die. Mrs. Shen talked with Shen Shijun, not wanting to make herself a burden to him. Shen Shijun wanted to call Gu Manzhen, but he immediately hung up when Mrs. Shen came.

Shen Shijun mortgaged the house deed to shopkeeper Liu and obtained a sum of money. My mother showed off to the neighbors and said that Gu Manlu could get a lot of good rice. When she went home, she asked Gu Manlu to help get the rice and earn face for herself.

After the Shen family went through the funeral, Mrs. Shen invited the Shi family to dinner. Shen Shijun said that he could return to Longtai to work after the family situation was settled. Mrs. Shen mentioned the marriage of the two and hoped that it could be delayed temporarily, but she just wanted to wrong Shi Cuizhi. Shi Jingxuan pretended to care about Shen Shijun, hoping that he could share more with his family.

Zhu Hongcai and Gu Manlu came to the warehouse and saw that a part of the rice bag had been stolen. Zhu Hongcai was very angry and said that he would teach the thieves. Shen Shijun did not want to get married, but Shi Cuizhi asked him when he wanted to suspend the marriage.

Shen Shijun asked Shi Cuizhi to talk to her in Shanghai, hoping that she could help herself with the public relations work and win the list of Miss Du. Shi Cuizhi was not satisfied, thinking that Shen Shijun had been using her.

Gu Manzhen thinks that Gu Manlu is ruining herself and wants to marry Zhu Hongcai if she is angry. The mother had long seen that the sisters were wrong, and she was not worried at all. After all, Zhu Hongcai only Gu Manlu could conquer him, and persuaded Gu Manzhen not to force Gu Manlu. Since she has made a decision, she doesn’t have to worry.

Zhu Hongcai and Gu Manlu were looking for someone to teach the rice-stealers. Zhu Hongcai was very cruel. Gu Manlu said that he only had to teach a lesson, but he didn’t expect that Zhu Hongcai’s men were too ruthless. Gu Manlu got out of the car to see and found a little girl. She hurried to comfort the little girl, but Zhu Hongcai stopped her, only to find that her life had been killed. Zhu Hongcai hurriedly left the scene, and Gu Manlu hugged the little girl to comfort her and sent her to the hospital.

When Gu Manzhen saw the little girl who was sent to the hospital, she felt very distressed. When she returned home, she heard that neighbors in the neighbourhood were talking about the behavior of Caiji Foreign Bank, accusing them of occupying food and raising prices for the people’s poverty. Gu Manzhen guarded the little girl all night, and when she woke up, she knew her name was Qiusheng. Qiu Sheng kept crying. She took Gu Manzhen to her place to find her grandma, but her grandma was killed long ago. Seeing that she was pitiful, Gu Manzhen decided to take her home to take care of her.

There was a lot of talk outside, and Zhu Hongcai heard that Master Shen had passed away, and felt that there must be a good show. The mother and grandma heard the news about the news that Caiji Foreign Company had raised the price of rice and killed an old man. His mother believed that Gu Manlu would not do things that would hurt the nature and reason.

Gu Manzhen was irritated and accused Gu Manlu of doing things unclean. She kept questioning Gu Manlu whether the cause of Qiusheng’s grandma’s death was related to her. Gu Manzhen lost her temper to Gu Manlu and told her not to be with Zhu Hongcai, and wanted to beat Gu Manlu.

Grandma immediately came out to block the two of them, hoping that Gu Manzhen would not be arrogant, and that the family would be harmonious, and not to make trouble. Grandma also reminded Gu Manlu that people are watching the sky, as long as she does the right thing. Gu Manlu also felt very angry. The rice she bought for her life was stolen, and she was accused by Gu Manzhen in this way. She didn’t believe her at all.

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