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Half a Lifelong Romance 情深缘起 Episode 36 Recap

Mrs. Shen looked very openly and didn’t want to hold Aunt Fang accountable. Some things were useless. Shi Jingxuan told Shen Shijun that Master Shen was going to close Yuantai’s plan before his death. Shen Shijun did not understand. He was touched when he remembered the conversation he had with him before he died.

Shen Shijun was depressed and unhappy, and he kept his filial piety in front of the tombstone of Master Shen. He said a lot to Master Shen. He did not resent Master Shen, but he would never succumb to the future. He had already identified Gu Manzhen and said that he would support this family through his own efforts. , Shen Shijun let Master Shen leave at ease.

The Gu family was very worried about Gu Manlu’s marriage, and his mother was worried that Gu Manlu would marry casually because he was angry. After hearing this, Gu Manlu thought it was unnecessary, and she had a friendship with Zhu Hongcai. She knew Zhu Hongcai’s personality very well and said that she was no longer young or rich. Only Zhu Hong was loyal to herself.

Shen Shijun was frustrated, and Yuantai’s business fell apart. He asked Liangshu about the situation. Liangshu said that Yuantai had collected the best furs in order to support Longtai’s business. He just sent it to Longtai when the time was right. If you encounter robbers and steal Yuantai’s best fur, it may be very troublesome if the fur supplier asks for debts. Uncle Liang suggested that Longtai lend some of the funds, maybe Shi Jingxuan could help. Shen Shijun objected, he didn’t want to owe Shi Jingxuan favor.

Gu Manzhen asked Gu Manlu if she was willing to marry Zhu Hongcai. She knew Gu Manlu’s thoughts very well, and thought that Gu Manlu must be worried that she would have nothing to do with her old age, so she planned to marry Zhu Hongcai. Gu Manzhen was very angry, thinking that Gu Manlu was not getting married by doing this, but was collaborating. Even if she could protect Zhu Hongcai, she would just live carefully.

Mrs. Shen knew that Yuantai’s payment required a large sum of money, and she planned to sell the house first, so that Yuantai could be rescued first. Shen Shijun did not agree to sell, and decided to mortgage the house first, and then redeem the house when he returned to Longtai. Mrs. Shen supports Shen Shijun in pursuing happiness and hopes that he will not have too much burden because of his family and business.

Gu Manzhen knew that Gu Manlu had given up life, she no longer understood Gu Manlu, Zhang Yujin enlightened Gu Manzhen, as long as she had thought about Gu Manlu’s choice, she should support her. Gu Manzhen and Zhang Yujin talked about Gu Manlu, hoping that he could return to her sister, but Zhang Yujin turned the subject off and asked her about Shen Shijun.

Gu Manzhen heard that Master Shen had passed away, so she rushed to Longtai, but rushed to the air, but did not find Shen Shijun. After the death of Master Shen, all Yuantai who wanted the account came to his door. Shi Cuizhi knew that Qianru could not do anything at all. She wanted to go to Nanjing to help Shen Shijun. She knows Shen Shijun’s temper very well and cannot be favored easily. She hoped that Mrs. Shi would say something nice to help the Shen family.

Shi Jingxuan came to Mrs. Shen again, mentioned the marriage of the two families, and gave Mrs. Shen a check. Mrs. Shen refused the check, saying that she had figured out a way to tell Shi Jingxuan about the mortgage of the house and stopped discussing the marriage between the two families. Qianru pretended to cry and asked Shi Cuizhi to find a way to save herself.

Gu Manlu thought of a good way to make money, and brought Zhu Hongcai to the roadside stall to eat Chaos. Gu Manzhen saw it and worried that Gu Manlu was not angry, but had the idea of ​​living. Shi Jingxuan talked to the pawnshop owner and wanted to prevent Shen Shijun from borrowing money as a mortgage. Shi Cuizhi thought Shi Jingxuan was helping Shen Shijun.

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