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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 32 Recap

In the Lingxiao Hotel, Xia Qin confidently directed and dispatched the opening event of the “Lianlian Sweet Tea Room”. The staff were united and Zhao Zimo was pleased. Xia Zhiming and Fang Yongjie, who had finally finished the tour of the incense group, came to care about whether the event was going well. Fang Yongjie took a lot of peace symbols to his daughter and took the initiative to mention that he wanted to have dinner with Zhang Zhenyu.

Zhenyu and Tianqin were connected by a red line after Zimo left. Tianqin’s mother also inexplicably wanted to match Tianqin with Zhenyu, but Sophia persuaded Tianqin to keep a distance from Zhenyu, and Tianqin frowned. , Because this sentence Zimo also said to her.

Shao Zi took a peek at the consent form and was caught by Li Qian on the spot, so he had to find an excuse to fool around. Li Qian wrapped the consent form into dirty clothes. Unexpectedly, Shao Zi was unwilling to give up and sneaked into Li Qian when no one was around. Room carpet search???

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