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Half a Lifelong Romance 情深缘起 Episode 34 Recap

Zhu Hongcai talked to Gu Manlu about business. Huang Boss must have Gu Manlu drink, but Gu Manlu is not healthy and can’t drink. Zhu Hongcai helped her drink a lot of alcohol, but she was drunk and kept talking. Gu Manlu held him in her arms with distress.

Gu Manzhen went to work in the orphanage on the first day, and her mother complained that she should not quit her previous typing job, thinking that the salary of the orphanage must be very low. Zhang Yujin came to pick up Gu Manzhen from work, saying that he would pick her up every day. In order to support Gu Manzhen’s work, Shen Shijun came to the orphanage first and distributed candies to the children.

In fact, it was because Shen Shijun couldn’t understand that Gu Manzhen and Zhang Yujin were too close. As soon as he saw Zhang Yujin, Shen Shijun felt jealous in his heart. Gu Manzhen likes the orphanage very much, and Shen Shijun feels that feelings, things like feelings, cannot deteriorate like they are in the refrigerator. If a person is not available, it is because he does not want to be free.

Shi Cuizhi came to the hospital to accompany Master Shen, just wanting him to be happy, Master Shen wants to return to Nanjing and return to his roots. Gu Manlu talked about big business with Caiji Foreign Company. Zhu Hongcai was very happy. Gu Manlu took him by the hand and said that they will be in the same boat in the future. Only Gu Manlu knew that Zhu Hong and her were the same kind of people. She wanted to do a good job in business, and in the eyes of the world, she was considered dirty as a dancer.

Gu Manzhen didn’t know if she could be a good teacher at the orphanage. She talked to Zhang Yujin. Zhang Yujin talked about her experience and also gave out tickets for romantic comedy movies. She wanted to make Gu Manzhen happy. Gu Manzhen didn’t want to watch this kind of romantic drama. Zhang Yujin made her the best What is needed is to stay away from reality.

Shen Shijun and Shi Cuizhi also made an appointment to go to the cinema, wanting to learn about costume design in movies. Unexpectedly, Shen Shijun was in a bad mood, and saw Gu Manzhen and Zhang Yujin at the entrance of the movie theater, Gu Manzhen holding flowers, Shen Shijun was very angry and blamed Gu Manzhen for not being with him, as if he did not believe her.

Gu Manzhen made Shen Shijun believe in herself. She would rather hide away than stay in the hospital, because Master Shen was also there, just didn’t want to add trouble to Shen Shijun, and now she works in an orphanage and feels very happy. But Shen Shijun did not understand, thinking that Gu Manzhen had changed, and felt that there would be a lot of troubles with him. Gu Manzhen was angry and wanted to continue to watch the movie with Zhang Yujin. Shen Shijun hugged her and said that they wanted to watch the movie together.

Shen Shijun quarreled unconsciously on the tram because of Zhang Yujin’s affairs and Gu Manzhen’s affairs because of Shi Cuizhi’s affairs. As a result, the car suddenly became quiet, and both felt ashamed. Gu Manzhen has always wanted to bring Zhang Yujin and Gu Manzhen together. Zhang Yujin asks Gu Manzhen to go back to work as a nurse and go out to see the world.

Zhu Hongcai has made money again, and I am grateful to Gu Manlu as a cash cow. Gu Manlu returned home and heard that Shen Shijun was going to take Master Shen back to Nanjing. Gu Manlu told Gu Manzhen not to believe in men, otherwise he would suffer sooner or later. Gu Manzhen knew very well in her heart that she believed Shen Shijun very much. When Shen Shijun left Shanghai, she quietly came to the station to bid farewell. Say goodbye face to face.

Zhang Yujin came to Gu’s house to look for Gu Manzhen. Both mother and grandma thought he was coming to Gu Manlu. I heard that Zhang Yujin was here to help Gu Manlu see a doctor. Mother and grandma were very happy. They thought they were having a show. They also thanked Zhang Yujin for the tea they brought, and wanted to keep him Come down for dinner.

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