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Be With You 好想和你在一起 Episode 23 Recap

Lu Qingwu could no longer bear to cooperate with such a treacherous villain, so she found a lawyer and decided to terminate the contract with Rong Pin. Director Xiao threatened Lu Qingwu with Qi Nian’s future, and co-signed with Qi Nian to paint “The Other Side of the Cloud”, which may not be a good thing for Qi Nian. Lu Qingwu warned him that it was unclear if he really wanted to fight. She wants to leave with the painter in the studio, but who would fight against the industry leader like Rongpin for her anger. If there is, it must be Siqi. He threw the work permit in front of Director Xiao, and dragged his Lady Queen to leave this dirty capital company.

Qi Nian returned to Siqi’s rented house to rent the old things, and happened to ran into Lu Qingwu, who was so ridiculously laughing from the drama. When the two met for the first time after the misunderstanding was resolved, Lu Qingwu hurriedly cleaned up the messy sofa in embarrassment. The two had settled their suspicions, and their boyfriends were brothers. Lu Qingwu asked Qinian and Ji Yanxin about the progress without any barriers. Of course, Qinian didn’t dare to say more.

Lu Qingwu said why he should hang on a tree, and there are thousands of red apricots. It happened to be heard by Si Qi who came back. The jealous Si Qi closed the door and entered the house unhappy, Lu Qingwu hurried to coax Little boyfriend, remind Qi Nian that this little one is like this, be careful what the big jealous man in her family does.

Su Xuran came to Qi Nian again to get acquainted with the character of Mr. J. Ji Yanxin appeared in the lounge and pointed out that Su Xuran was not the former owner of Qibao at all. He secretly went to the pet shop to accompany Qibao for this role for a week in order to get closer to Qi Nian. Ji Yanxin also called him Su Xiaofei, which was only known by one of his deceaseds.

The voice that Qi Nian sent to Ji Yanxin in dog language was translated day by day, and Qi Nian, who had done something wrong, had to agree to take photos with Ji Yanxin to make him happy. Before entering the door, Ji Yanxin told Qi Nian that she could only nod her head and not speak for a while based on her mistake.

Su Xuran and Xin Xin were old classmates. He was angry that Xin Xin betrayed himself like this, but it was because of his assist that Ji Yanxin and Qi Nian could register so quickly. Qi Nian got the certificate and looked at the sign of the Marriage Registry of the Civil Affairs Bureau at the door. She accepted the kiss of Ji Yanxin, who had been promoted to her husband, and finally heard the sentence Let’s get married.

Ji Qiu took Dabao and found Shao Zui. She hugged Shao Zui and thought he was terminally ill and sold him. Shao Zui couldn’t laugh or cry after hearing such nonsense. Ji Qiu took the photo and questioned Shao Zui. If it weren’t for her father, Shao Zui would have been buried under an avalanche. The night before climbing, Shao Zui listened to Ji Qiu’s father talking about Ji Qiu, and regretted that he was busy with his career and ignored his daughter.

But he is gone, and Shao Zui has stayed with Ji Qiu in order to repay his gratitude. It turns out that Shao Zui has a time limit for his own good. Knowing the truth, Ji Qiu bowed to Shao Zui and thanked him for his promise, and would not trouble him anymore.

Lu Qingwu revealed all the things about Qiyue Qingwu on the Internet, and she fell to the ground, but she also paid the price. Fortunately, she still has a lover. Siqi promised that she would be with her, even if she started over again.

Qi Nian is worried that he will get married right now, but how can he explain to his parents? Unexpectedly, my mother called and Ji Yanxin came to propose marriage last week. There is no reason for such a talented son-in-law to disagree. Qi Nian thus became Mrs. Ji, Xinxin called to tell her that Lu Qingwu had retired. Qi Nian was going to deal with it, and Ji Yanxin told her to remember to know how to rely on herself if she had something to do. This kind of mutual trust and respect is the sweetest thing between two people.

Qi Nian wanted to clarify the facts for Lu Qingwu, but to do so was to draw the pressure of public opinion on him. Qi Nian didn’t want to be as afraid of backing down as Lu Qingwu was back then, but watching Ji Qiu and Shao Zui couldn’t argue for themselves, her heart was also very contradictory. The uncle owner of the restaurant brought her a dessert, and Qi Nian asked him to pack another dessert to take back to her husband.

The uncle inspired her to be the happiest as long as two people can face the things in life together. Qi Nian remembered that Ji Yanxin had asked her to rely on her own words if needed, and decided to ask Ji Yanxin for his opinion. Of course, Ji Yanxin does not want his lover to fall into the whirlpool of public opinion, but he also knows Qi Nian’s character. He tells Qi Nian to follow his own heart. Even if he falls into the pit, Ji Yanxin will catch her.

The whole creeper is helping Qi Nian, and they want to help Qi Nian resist Rongpin’s public opinion war. Unexpectedly, a large wave of comics and big Vs have come forward to help Qi Nian, and her fans have also skyrocketed. Qi Nian called Ji Yanxin and knew that he had used his hidden relationship. Qi Nian was finally able to express her missing emotions straightforwardly, and she ran downstairs quickly to see her lover. Qi Nian hugged Ji Yanxin from behind, and she would not let Ji Yanxin wait for herself anymore. All she could do for such a relationship was to firmly grasp it.

Miss Ji Qiu, who claims to be drunk without a thousand cups, actually fell into the restaurant. The uncle boss looked at the sleeping girl and muttered that she has grown up like this. Shao Zui thought that maybe he would get better if he walked a little further, Ji Qiu, the uncle laughed at himself if it was useful, he wouldn’t have lost his wife. He asked Shao Zui to think carefully about why Ji Qiu was like this. Everyone is single, so why bother to scribble, the uncle turned and pointed to the ring on his hand. Wife Ion Sanna used to be, but now he has a wife.

Ji Qiu was slightly awake, got up and dragged Shao Zui to accuse him of this scumbag, either taking care of himself for the rest of his life, or staying away. Why does he always consider himself a burden? Why can’t he like himself?

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