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Be With You 好想和你在一起 Episode 22 Recap

Ji Yanxin hugged Qi Nian, who accompanied him to look at the architectural drawings, knowing she was bored. Ji Yanxin didn’t want a few days or years. He hoped to spend the rest of his life with Qi Nian, so Qi Nian must learn to be honest with himself. Qi Nian opened his arms and asked her boyfriend for a hug. Two people were making a family of three plan with Qibao Sweet, Siqi knocked on the door to find Qi Nian.

Lu Qingwu wanted to post on Weibo to expose the story behind the author July Qingwu. Siqi threw her mobile phone to Xiao Jia and locked it, and took Lu Qingwu to the aquarium. He remembered that she was in a bad mood. Like watching the sea. Although he was very angry, he still came to the office to look for her. He had already broken up and drew her arrears. Siqi wanted to make Lu Qingwu responsible for her hard work. Lu Qingwu smiled, he didn’t like himself, how could he make her be responsible. Si Qi kissed this woman who worried and missed him. He truly loved her.

Si Qi found the recording pen used by Lu Qingwu to record his dialogue with Director Xiao and gave it to Qi Nian. He respected Qi Nian’s decision and decided to accompany Lu Qingwu. Qi Nian told Lu Qingwu through the recording that he would not forgive what happened back then but decided to let it go. Si Qi saw her love for herself, and everything went back to the moment when she called to stop herself that year, and they started all over again. Start to be friends.

Qi Nian told Ji Yanxin that Siqi’s vision was not bad, and his heart knot had been opened. She asked Ji Yanxin to pay more attention to Ji Qiu, because Shao Zui did not say goodbye to Ji Qiu but was hit hard. Ji Yanxin was sitting in the restaurant where Shao Zui worked. His so-called trip was in this place less than two kilometers away from Ji’s home. For Shao Zui, leaving Ji Qiu is a trip.

Ji Qiu was promoted directly to President Ji, but her heart was full of confusion. She wandered in the dark city, just wanting to know where the man who had been around her was. Shao Zui started to clean up his assets a year ago. Ji Qiu picked up the review that she wrote because of her own fighting. She was always bullied because of her father’s death, but she had to apologize for fighting back. Shao Zui promised to always grow up with Ji Qiu and take care of her. Ji Qiu saw a folded photo of his father in the book, on the back it was written that 2009 took a photo with the captain before climbing. That was before Shao Zui and himself met. Had Shao Zui already known his father?

Shao Zui took care of Ji Qiu to fulfill her father’s last wish, and he did not know how to say the real cause of her father’s death. Ji Yanxin knew that it was an accident, but Shao Zui never cared about it. Shao Zui reminded Ji Yanxin not to neglect his girlfriend for work. Qi Nian is now very popular and so cute. There are definitely many people who want to chase her.

What to say, Qi Nian took Dabao and Xinxin on the phone, and he didn’t catch Dabao and ran to a handsome guy holding the comics “Beauty Yixiu”. He is exactly the Su Xuran who is going to play Mr. J and the former owner of Qibao. . Shao Zui reminded him that he was going to bring Qi Nian to a license. Ji Yanxin rolled his eyes, but his heart was still shaken. Su Xuran took advantage of Qi Nian accidentally connected her boyfriend’s phone, and heard that other men wanted to be close to his girlfriend. In order to protect Dabao, Su Xuran also agreed to discuss the script with the other party. Ji Yanxin hung up the phone and bought a plane ticket and went straight to the airport. .

Qi Nian missed Ji Yanxin but didn’t want to interrupt his work, so he bought a dog language translator and complained with Ji Yanxin. Su Xuran came to Qi Nian with an ambiguous attitude to discuss the script, but when he saw Xinxin, he quickly turned his back and called her Zhou for help. Xinxin wondered when she introduced her name to him.

Lu Qingwu wanted to restart “The Other Side of the Cloud” and disbanded the entire studio, and also pushed down a lot of comic IP dramas, which caused Director Xiao to lose a lot. Director Xiao called Lai Siqi. He used the so-called black face of Lu Qingwu to threaten Siqi to say that all these projects were done well, and Si Qi, who was determined to protect his girlfriend, took it up.

He kept rushing to draw, thinking of sore wrists and staying up late to sit and fall asleep. Lu Qingwu knew that this was another good thing Director Xiao did. She put Si Qi in the room, took the work permit and left. Lu Qingwu broke into the door of the conference room, tearing her face so clearly, Director Xiao accused her of being undecent. Decent is to be given to the face, and he is not worthy at all.

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