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Be With You 好想和你在一起 Episode 21 Recap

Pei Yan was angry and left, because the meeting with Qi Nian could only be postponed because of clothes problems. Ji Yanxin is quite comfortable, Mr. Pei and the others will definitely see her, and Qi Nian has also known her early.

Ji Qiu remembered the evening meal with Shao Zui, but he rushed to the place but saw no trace of Shao Zui. Looking at the happy birthday arrangement on the glass, I remembered the birthday song Shao Zui had played for him. Today is this little confused birthday. Shao Zui made fried rice for Ji Qiu and she quickly spit it out. Shao Zui lost his taste due to an accident ten years ago. Cooking is an area he can no longer touch.

After the meal, Shao Zui took Ji Qiu on a shopping spree in the mall. Ji Qiu wondered why he would be so crazy next year for her birthday. Of course she would celebrate her birthday next year, but that should be another man with her. Ji Qiu thought that there was one thing he would have to do with Shao Zui as an adult. Shao Zui was so scared that she might have played with fire.

Ji Qiu’s wish was actually to make a birthday cake with Shao Zui. Shao Zui held her hand and wrote on the cake, just like he taught Ji Qiu to write calligraphy when he was a child. He wished Ji Qiu peace and prosperity forever, without knowing the sufferings of the world. There was a sudden power failure in the restaurant. Fortunately, there were candles on the cake. Shao Zui asked Ji Qiu to make a wish. Ji Qiu was wondering what he wanted and he could just say no. Shao Zui simply refused this time. He also has his own life and will set up his own family.

The boss is not in love yet, how can the younger brother get married? Then go to fall in love, Shao Zui will no longer care about her, Ji Qiu has grown up, she can find her true love. Ji Qiu gagged. She didn’t know why the man who had been obedient to her for ten years suddenly left her. She grabbed Shao Zui who was going to turn on the light, and they kissed each other. Shao Zui quickly explained that it was an accident, but Ji Qiu wanted him to pay for it.

Angrily, Ji Qiu carried a lot of things he had bought and wanted to go home without looking back. Shao Zui came over to wish Ji Qiu a happy twenty years old, so that she must find someone who truly loves her and get her happiness. Ji Qiu mistakenly thought he was going to explain the kiss, and she would avenge him if she lied to herself. Shao Zui smiled bitterly and answered her words, Ji Qiu casually said, see you tomorrow, but he could only turn around and answer goodbye.

Early the next morning, Ji Qiu clocked in to work on time in a beautiful skirt, but received an agreement from Shao Zui to transfer the shares of Mancao to him free of charge, and Shao Zui never returned her information. All this made Ji Qiu puzzled.

Lu Qingwu was exhausted and came to Siqi for comfort, but Pei Yan, who was wearing Siqi’s shirt, appeared in front of him, still angry that Siqi had other women. Seeing his mad girlfriend, Si Qi quickly explained that it happened that Ji Yanxin brought Qi Nian into the door when Mom finally rescued his brother.

Looking at the two couples, Pei Yan asked Ji Yanxin and Siqi to switch positions, and took Qi Nian and Siqi’s hands to sit down, claiming that they were good matches. Such a mess of mandarin ducks made Ji Yanxin and Lu Qingwu unbearable, and the two retorted in unison, but it made Pei Yan feel that they are a good match. Si Qi jumped up and hugged Lu Qingwu to make his mother sober that this was his girlfriend. Lu Qingwu also knows that Pei Yan is not good at her first image, but her heart for Siqi is true. Pei Yan took out two selfie sticks and asked them to shoot dating records of no less than 10 hours. Whether it was true love or acting skills, she knew at a glance in front of her film and television industry tycoon.

Two couples filmed dating videos for their mothers, but it became a controversy over which couple was more suitable. Sitting face to face, Ji Yanxin certainly wouldn’t be taken advantage of by others, and Si Qi’s performance also made Qi Nian affirm his feelings for Lu Qingwu. However, she thinks that Lu Qingwu’s doing such a thing is not worthy of Siqi. Qi Nian told Lu Qingwu what happened back then, which made Lu Qingwu very grand. She wanted to explain the preconceived Qi Nian did not want to listen to her sophistry. Lu Qingwu hoped that he would not let Si Qi know before he took care of the matter, but Ji Yanxin had already clarified their grievances to Si Qi.

Lu Qingwu came to see Director Xiao. She dropped the wine glass that the other party handed over. Qi Nian never signed a contract termination agreement, nor did she sign up for the competition behind her back, and she did not find Heizi to scold herself online. Manipulating him behind the scenes caused him to be this villain. Director Xiao knew that Lu Qingwu had always been jealous of Qi Nian’s talents, but Lu Qingwu didn’t want to use such means to get honor. She recognized that she was just his cash cow and had no so-called comrade-in-arms feelings at all.

Back at the office, Lu Qingwu saw Si Qi, and asked her whether Qi Nian was another Qiyue Qingwu. Lu Qingwu, who had been tired for a whole day, really didn’t want to pretend, since Siqi and Qi Nian had already sentenced him to death in his heart, why bother to give false consolation. She deceived Qi that he was persecuted when Qi Nian fired him, so he should go to the girl he was thinking of. Si Qi, who had left, did not see the tears in the eyes of Lu Qingwu, who had always been smiling brightly.

Pei Yan called Qi Nian, and she was very satisfied with this sweet-mouthed prospective daughter-in-law, unlike her son Boring Hulu. Ji Yanxin quickly interrupted his mother’s complaint to him, Pei Yan smiled and looked at the opposite person, gratified that his son finally found happiness.

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