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To Love 最初的相遇,最后的别离 Episode 38 Recap

In the interrogation room, Lao Cheng looked guilty, and blamed himself for ignoring Lao Huang’s eye problems. This made the testimony untenable. However, Feng Weixing concealed his gambling and injuries, and it was largely certain that he was a ghost. Zhao Tinghui also looked helpless. The alarm call used a voice changer, so Feng Weixing had to be released.

Xiaoou rushed to the police station and ran into Zhao Tinghui at the door. The police took Feng Weixing away after a rigorous arrest. However, the other party refused to disclose a word. Xiaoou’s sadness has nowhere to be resolved. At this moment, she saw Feng Weixing’s car from the window. Could it be that Feng Weixing was released?

Feng Weixing returned home and looked at Niya, who was looking worried, and asked why she was taken away. The police also turned the house upside down with a search warrant. Feng Weixing only explained that she was involved in the arrest of Deng Kun. , So the police would ask myself some things. After a turn of the conversation, a lot of things have happened recently and Niya has suffered a lot of wrongs. Life is impermanent. Anything you want to do must be done in time. Niya has tears in her eyes, and the late marriage proposal finally came. She hugged Feng Weixing. From then on, she finally has hope for her future. Feng Weixing frowned and looked sad, not knowing what he was thinking.

Xiaoou flipped through the article on the Internet that was very detrimental to rigor, and was very puzzled. The things in the past few days have become more and more strange as she thinks about it. At this moment, she received a call from Niya. Finally got the certificate. After hearing what Niya said, Xiaoou hurried to the hospital.

She was not sure whether Feng Weixing was someone worthy of Niya’s entrustment. If there is anything wrong, then she and the child in her belly will be true for the rest of their lives. It’s over. Just as Xiaoou’s heart was spinning, Feng Weixing evaded Niya’s physical inconvenience, and it was not easy to stay in the hospital forever, so Xiaoou accompany her back home.

Seeing that her best friend was anxiously angry about the article on the Internet, Niya could only persuade her as best as she could, and the clearer should be clear. Besides, Xiaoou alone could not influence the thoughts of netizens.

In addition, Xiao Ou was so astonished at the result of obtaining the certificate for himself and Lao Feng in the hospital during the day, and finally couldn’t help asking whether there was something that was hiding from him. Both of them were people who talked straight, and Xiao Ou no longer What a sloppy look, I asked Feng Weixing where he went on New Year’s Eve last year, whether he went out during the hour that Niya fell asleep.

But Niya insisted that Lao Feng was indeed at home for only one hour, and she couldn’t do anything even if she went out, and she was very dissatisfied with Xiaoou’s suspicion. Upon seeing this, Xiaoou didn’t dare to breathe with a pregnant woman, but although she no longer mentioned this matter, the sleeping pills of Feng Weixing found in the drawer next made her doubts.

The Internet turmoil before the first trial, the article on the Internet a few days ago, and the rigorous previous speculation: the murderer behind the scenes was driving everything by his side. Six months ago, Feng Weixing came to work for one-third, and during this period he always Deliberately or unintentionally, I asked myself about the current situation of the rigorous case. Xiaoou couldn’t help but guess whether the murderer was really Lao Feng?

In the interrogation room, rigorously eating instant noodles, and thinking of his two sons, Zhao Tinghui was very curious about the friendship of the three people. In fact, he and rigorous temperament were quite similar, so the two of them got together. They are both rivals in love, but also in sympathy. After waiting for the murderer to be brought back to justice, the fellow on the anti-drug road, maybe he and Jing could become true friends.

Ji Xiaoou stood in a daze on the balcony again. Zhao Tinghui called and came to see her with dessert. Xiaoou mentioned that Feng Weixing had a crush on him. But last year’s New Year’s Eve, what made a man who has been reluctant to accept love suddenly She agreed to Niya’s marriage proposal and took her home. In the last accident in the basement, she discovered that Feng Weixing was very clear about the monitoring of the basement of the rigorous community.

All of this shows that Feng Weixing is very suspicious, but Zhao Tinghui was not as excited as she imagined after hearing it. Now that this case is here, there are not a few clues that can be finalized. If Feng Weixing is really The murderer of the two cases, such a cunning and insidious person, how can he let this person fall into law?

In the hospital, Lele’s condition had undergone a malignant change. The operation did not solve the fundamental problem. The doctor told them to be mentally prepared. Feng Weixing couldn’t believe this reality. He was so broken he cried and knelt down to the doctor, begging him to keep his son. Life. Seeing Feng Weixing like this, Xiaoou felt very uncomfortable. In Lele Ward, Xiaoou gave the children the opportunity to tell stories, implying that Feng Weixing had already been aware of what he was doing. Feng Weixing looked at his son on the hospital bed, feeling something, and walked out silently.

At this time, he was struggling very much. Xiaoou must have known something. Xiaoou thought about knowing Feng Weixing for 6 years, and the two get along like relatives. She vaguely persuaded Feng Weixing that good and evil will be rewarded, even for Lele, she should learn to take the initiative, but now Lele is at stake, Feng Weixing is really embarrassed.

At night, Feng Weixing woke up suddenly. He dreamed of the scene where Deng Kun died six years ago. Niya distressedly persuaded him not to take sleeping pills anymore. Even if Lele’s illness gave him a lot of pressure, he couldn’t hurt his body like this. The satellite was stalled in a few words and stopped mentioning it.

The police station has already launched an investigation into Feng Weixing. He has made the case so that he can only investigate the evidence chain one by one, and there is no other way. Zhao Tinghui and Yang Cheng returned to the burial site of the Zhan Yu case, working overtime and trying to find new clues and send them to the laboratory.

Feng Weixing finally stood in front of the police station after tangled and struggling. Just as he was about to enter, Niya called. She was pleasantly surprised to tell Feng Weixing that Lele wanted to eat the food he cooked. An appetite is good news. Feng Weixing hurried to the hospital. Feng Weixing heard the news from his son and couldn’t care about anything, so he drove to the hospital quickly.

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