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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 31 Recap

Zhao Zimo left without saying goodbye and left the Lingxiao Hotel. Xiaqin kept sending messages and making phone calls, unable to contact Zhao Zimo and a whole row of unread messages, which made Xiaqin sad and disappointed. Sophia felt very distressed at Xiaqin Qin’s appearance, and threatened not to forgive Zhao Zimo. Zhao Zimo left the Lingxiao Hotel but couldn’t worry about Xiaqin. He who “disappeared in front of everyone” without a sound, thought that no one knew, but was immediately caught by Yan Yifan. In addition, he even risked being punished by the heavenly court, trying to destroy Xia Qin’s marriage line.

The old street renovation plan of Lingxiao Village has yet to change? ! The village head Shao Wanfeng approached Zhang Liqian to complain that the villagers had already signed the letter of intent, so why did they need to sign the letter of consent? ! Zhang Liqian explained that because the form of cooperation has changed, it needs to be signed again! Shao Yufang ran into it, and was shocked that something was wrong, and he judged that something was strange. Shao Yufang persuaded Shao Wanfeng to hand over the consent form to herself, and at the same time notified Xiaqin of the matter. Xia Qin looked at the consent form in front of her, surprised that she had no knowledge of it! Shao Yufang was very angry. She wanted to know what Zhang Liqian was doing!

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