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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 30 Recap

Xia Zhiming was puzzled about Zhang Zhenyu’s motives for helping the Lingxiao Hotel in Zhang’s group. After understanding Zhang Zhenyu’s deeds and defensiveness, he still insisted on Zhao Zimo’s treatment and suggested that Tianqin take the overall situation weight. However, Xiaqin teared up her resignation because she couldn’t get the true answer to Zhao Zimo’s resignation.

Xia Qin and Zhao Zimo urgently received news of a kitchen strike and cancellation of all seafood meals! Knowing the truth behind the incident, Xia Zhiming decided to expel Pan Dongkai and reminded Zhao Zimo to help Xiaqin find a new chef and develop new dishes as soon as possible.

Zhao Zimo, who failed to recruit Sophia, couldn’t find anyone for a while, but Tian Qin said that she had already found the best candidate! After solving the dilemma of losing the chef at the restaurant, Xiaqin decided to make a straight shot, confessed directly and kept Zhao Zimo! But Zhao Zimo is now facing the constant provocation and approaching crisis of the female plague god…

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