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Half a Lifelong Romance 情深缘起 Episode 33 Recap

Gu Manlu was hanging out in the street when she was drunk, and Zhu Hongcai accompanied her to go crazy. Gu Manlu believes that she should die, so that Gu Manzhen can marry as soon as possible without dragging down the family. Zhu Hongcai waited on Gu Manlu, and the two were tied to a rope. Gu Manlu went drunk and thought that people all over the world rejected her. She only wanted to drink now, but she didn’t expect to cough and bleed.

The doctor helped Gu Manlu prescribe medicine, first grabbed a prescription to stop the lung blood. Gu Manlu didn’t think she was ill, saying that she was drinking too much recently. She listened to Gu Manzhen’s advice and didn’t want to go to the hospital. In fact, she didn’t want to see Zhang Yujin. Both mother and grandmother objected, thinking that going to the hospital would make them more sick.

Gu Manzhen still believed in the hospital and told Zhang Yujin about Gu Manlu’s situation, but he didn’t expect him to be calm. Zhang Yujin said that he and Gu Manlu could not go back to the past, and feelings could not come just as they were. He believed that the top priority now was to persuade Gu Manlu to go to the hospital for a specific examination. Gu Manzhen always wanted to let Zhang Yujin and Gu Manlu meet, but the two had already met.

Gu Manlu’s condition is a bit serious and she has been coughing constantly. Gu Manzhen sent her decoction and asked her to go to the hospital for a detailed examination. Gu Manlu was reluctant to live and die. She turned the topic to Shen Shijun, thinking that Shen Shijun and Gu Manzhen were already a matter of agreement, but the newspapers and rumors outside all pointed to Shen Shijun and Shi Cuizhi. Gu Manzhen did not want to influence Shen Shijun, and expressed willingness to give him time. He also liked the life in the orphanage very much.

Ms. Du came to Longtai to see furs, but she was not satisfied, thinking that Shen Shijun’s fur store could not meet her needs. At this time Shi Cuizhi walked in, Miss Du smelled the Chanel No. 5 perfume on Shi Cuizhi, fancy the shoes on her feet, and took the initiative to talk to her. Shi Cuizhi knows her daughter’s preferences very well, and she likes fashion. She knows that the fur that Miss Du wants is a short cloak like the one worn by the heroine of a romantic movie. It was designed by Kun Maid. The two can talk very well. Shi Cuizhi gave Du Miss recommended the latest long fur, and Miss Du is also quite satisfied. Shi Cuizhi let Shen Shijun learn that dealing with women can’t be so rigid.

Zhu Hongcai came to Gu Manlu, but heard that Gu Manlu was sick, and Gu Manzhen wanted to drive her away. Zhu Hongcai said that Gu Manlu is her own god of wealth, and she is willing to find any hospital and doctor she wants.

Shen Shijun didn’t want to work because of Gu Manzhen. Shi Cuizhi came to comfort him, hoping that he would not ruin everyone’s lives. It is normal for lovers to quarrel, and Gu Manzhen may not be angry in a few days. Zhu Hongcai was very happy, because Gu Manlu became the manager of the mansion and brought a lot of business to Caiji Foreign Company. Zhu Hongcai told Gu Manlu that Boss Huang admired her very much and asked her to take care of her, which would bring more tickets to Caiji Foreign Company, and Gu Manlu agreed.

Gu Manzhen originally asked Gu Manlu to go to the hospital for an examination, but he didn’t expect Gu Manlu to go out to discuss business again in the morning. Dean Wu also liked Gu Manzhen very much, so Zhang Yujin seized the opportunity. Zhang Yujin made a private decision to let Gu Manzhen stay in the orphanage. Gu Manzhen was a little angry, but she was even more angry that Zhang Yujin didn’t mention Gu Manlu.

Master Shen wanted to leave the hospital, Zhang Yujin hoped that he could rest more and gave Gu Manzhen the handicraft. Shen Shijun was very angry when he heard that Gu Manzhen was a teacher in the orphanage, and thought she had not consulted with herself. Gu Manlu was discussing business with Zhu Hongcai, but unexpectedly encountered a difficult road, Zhu Hongcai took the initiative to walk with Gu Manlu on his back, which moved Gu Manlu.

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