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Half a Lifelong Romance 情深缘起 Episode 32 Recap

Zhang Yujin let Gu Manzhen out to breathe, let her feel the outside world. Gu Manlu came to the orphanage. She liked it very much. Zhang Yujin founded the orphanage. The children here are innocent and simple, which immediately influenced Gu Manzhen’s heart.

Shen Shijun didn’t see Gu Manzhen in the hospital. He was a little uncomfortable and went to Zhang Yujin for questioning. Zhang Yujin reminded him that feelings are like quicksand, the faster they are lost, the tighter they hold. Shen Shijun told Gu Manzhen not to care about the content of the newspaper, but Gu Manzhen didn’t care at all. She feels that life should have various emotions, should not be stunned by love, and there are many things worth doing. Gu Manzhen thanked Zhang Yujin, who opened another window in her heart when she was most difficult.

Shen Shijun was a little jealous, he always felt that Gu Manzhen had changed, and Zhang Yujin was always mentioned in his mouth. Gu Manzhen said that he believed in Shen Shijun very much and hoped that he believed in himself, but many things could not be changed, just like the life experience of the two families.

Shi Jingxuan pretended to come to the hospital to visit Master Shen, and even spent money to arrange for reporters to take pictures, hoping to hype up Longtai’s business. Shi Cuizhi was very upset when she saw it. She didn’t want to take Li Shi Jingxuan. But after reading the contents of the newspaper, she knew that those things Shi Jingxuan said before were all for profit.

Master Shen firmly disagrees with Shen Shijun marrying Gu Manzhen, he believes that this will affect Shen Shijun’s future. Shi Jingxuan prevented Shi Cuizhi from retiring and would not force him. After all, the two sisters of the Gu family made Master Shen angry. Shi Cuizhi was angry and felt that she was a cat raised by Shi Jingxuan and could not think. She questioned Shi Jingxuan and used herself to do business. Shi Jingxuan said that he must be clear about the stakes and do things in order to remain invincible. He planned it all for profit. Shi Cuizhi told Shi Jingxuan not to use his feelings to do business.

Gu Manzhen often goes to the orphanage to accompany her children. Zhang Yujin hopes that she can work in the orphanage and thinks she is a caring teacher. Gu Manzhen expressed that he would consider it, but he would not be affected by Shen Shijun, and would not be influenced by others.

Shen Shijun was troubled, Shi Cuizhi asked him to talk about Longtai’s business, but Shen Shijun didn’t want to hear this, he asked Shi Cuizhi not to bother him. At this time, Mrs. Shen called and wanted to pick up Master Shen to go back to Nanjing for recuperation, and reminded Shen Shijun that she must follow Master Shen’s requirements, do not stimulate him, and try to satisfy him. Shen Shijun suddenly felt that he was like a trapped beast, his heart and body were slowly being exhausted, and he seemed a little desperate.

Gu Manlu came to the hospital to pick up Gu Manzhen. When she met Zhang Yujin, the two said a few words to each other. Gu Manlu knew that Zhang Yujin was not married yet, and she felt a little regretful in her heart. Shen Shijun came to the hospital to visit Gu Manzhen, but learned that she had been discharged. The two plugged in between the trams, and Gu Manzhen wanted to change his current life and become a newcomer.

After Gu Manzhen returned home, grandma and mother were very happy. Gu Manzhen and Gu Manlu mentioned Zhang Yujin, thinking that the two might still be possible. His mother and grandma also supported him, and wanted to invite Zhang Yujin to eat at home, but Gu Manlu disagreed.

Shen Shijun walked alone, thinking of the days he and Gu Manzhen met. Some things have already happened. He thought that love could fill the regrets of life. He said that it would not change, but he didn’t expect that one day it would disappear unknowingly. Love could stand it. Wind and rain, but can’t stand the ordinary.

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