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Be With You 好想和你在一起 Episode 20 Recap

The sky was already pitch black, Si Qi urged Lu Qingwu to finish the drawing quickly, but Lu Qingwu was lying in her room with the quilt to cheat, just couldn’t get up. Siqi couldn’t roll up the quilt, and picked up Lu Qingwu, letting him sit in front of the computer to pick up the draft. Lu Qingwu stared at the computer and didn’t want to draw a stroke. Siqi asked her if “The Other Side of the Cloud” hadn’t been changed, whether she still had the ethics of a professional cartoonist.

It is “The Other Shore of the Cloud” again, Lu Qingwu will change his face instantly as long as he hears these four words. She reprimanded Si Qi for asking herself in what capacity, the editor, the black fan or her boyfriend. Seeing his girlfriend’s sudden change of attitude, Si Qi’s eyes were full of distress.

Shao Zui called Ji Yanxin and told him not to let Qi Nian look at his cell phone, but it was too late. The Internet is full of attacks on Qizai, claiming that “Beauty is suitable for repair” is only the author, Qizai, who lied to be an adaptation of real experience in order to make a gimmick. Ji Yanxin wants to help Qi Nian clarify, but people only want to believe the facts they want to believe, and it has always been the case. Ji Yanxin heard that Qi Nian was wrong, and he asked Qi Nian if he had experienced such things before. But Qi Nian didn’t want to mention that sad thing again.

Ji Yanxin clung to Qi Nian, lying on her lap to listen to stories. Qi Nian told the story of Little Red Riding Hood, but Ji Yanxin called her Qiyue Qingwu to tell her previous story. Qi Nian got up and paced, slowly speaking. She was still in high school that year but met Lu Qingwu, who was also passionate about comics. She became her guide and made herself determined to become a cartoonist.

Lu Qingwu was drinking in the bathtub, and Si Qi sat by the bathtub waiting for her to speak in order for her to continue painting. Lu Qingwu smiled and congratulated him. He is about to become the fourth person to know the true face of Qiyue Qingwu. At that time, Qi Nian was very good at story design and environmental painting, and Lu Qingwu was best at character design. Director Xiao took a fancy to the two people’s strengths and signed them to create together.

Sure enough, their work “The Other Side of the Cloud” became a hit that year when it was released, and the name of Qingwu July was also engraved on the highest award trophy in the comics industry. But at that time, only Lu Qingwu came to the stage to receive the award.

In order to take the college entrance examination, Qi Nian met with Director Xiao when he submitted the drawing for the last time. He pretended to accidentally sprinkle water on the computer causing the computer to crash, and then changed the signatures of all Qi Nian’s paintings and the account password of Qi Yue Qingwu, and borrowed the paintings of “The Other Shore of Clouds” published in Qi Nian’s trumpet to frame Qi Nian copied Lu Qingwu. Qi Nian was made infamous, so she had to log out her account and change her name to Mancao and drew a girly comic that she was not good at.

Without Qi Nian, “The Other Shore of Clouds” could not be painted at all. Lu Qingwu had to start anew to survive in the shadow of Qi Nian. But no matter how hard she worked, she couldn’t keep up with Qi Nian’s talent. Lu Qingwu shed tears and sighed that his talent could not be surpassed, what’s the point of hard work, and the fact that he squeezed his partner and grabbed the line to sign his name was entirely because Qi Nianxian betrayed him.

Director Xiao showed to Lu Qingwu the agreement signed by Qi Nian to terminate the contract and give up the signature place. She did not believe that Qi Nian would abandon herself in this way, but she sent back a message on her mobile phone not to come to me, and the reality of being hacked. Let Lu Qingwu die completely. Meeting Qi Nian again looked like a victim, and no one understood the pain of living in her shadow for so many years.

Ji Yan held Qi Nian with confidence and pain. He gave Qi Nian time to deal with it himself, but also reminded Qi Nian that many things are more than one-sided and he should fully understand the truth of the matter. Lu Qingwu also fell drunk in Si Qi’s arms, holding his sad girlfriend, Si Qi also began to wonder who was behind all this.

Ji Qiu worked overtime to write a plan, but fell asleep on the conference table. Everyone who came to the morning meeting was speechless. An intern dared to sleep in openly, but was even more surprised that his boss, Shao Zui, allowed this behavior. After the meeting, Shao Zui wakes up Ji Qiu, invites her to dinner tonight, and reminds her that today is the signing event of Qizai. Ji Qiu ran to prepare in a panic. Shao Zui looked at the time, and he had 14 hours left. Qi Nian nervously called Ji Yanxin in the dressing room. She was very worried about the impact of online events. Ji Yanxin told her that she had been by her side all the time. She is very beautiful today.

The signing event for Qi Nian officially began. Ji Qiu acted as the host and asked Qi Nian to answer questions raised by fans. Of course, the last question was whether the protagonist Mr. J’s prototype really existed. Qi Nian promised everyone that seeing is true after all. Qi Nian didn’t want Ji Yanxin to be disturbed, but Ji Yanxin appeared on the scene as a fan of Qizai. He is a fan of Qi Nian and her boyfriend.

The appearance of Ji Yanxin eliminated the rumors, but was also topped by hot searches. Qi Nian was worried that his information would be picked up. How could those rumors hit the determined Ji Yanxin. Ji Yanxin tells Qi Nian that all the emotions that require her to sacrifice herself to protect are not worthwhile, and that she will become his strong backing. The two just wanted to get together. A man who claimed to be the assistant of Galaxy producer came to see Qi Nian.

He gave her the name tag of the boss Pei Yan, hoping to make an appointment. Ji Yanxin directly responded to the end of the signing event and he could meet. Qi Nian asked if he knew each other, but he couldn’t wait for Ji Yanxin to speak to Qi Nian and was called to take pictures with the fans. Looking at his lovely girlfriend who compares himself with him, Ji Yanxin smiled brightly.

Lu Qingwu woke up to see her little boyfriend hugging her, with his company and trust, Lu Qingwu smiled again. Siqi knew Lu Qingwu’s heart knot and took the initiative to help her finish the remaining drawings. He will accompany her to wait for the day when her heart knot is untied. Lu Qingwu wanted to take the opportunity to let Si Qi move over to live with him. Ke Siqi received a message and jumped out of the bed in fear, and told Lu Qingwu not to look for herself recently.

As soon as the little boyfriend left, Lu Qingwu was called to a teahouse by Director Xiao. He claimed that he wanted to talk about film and television cooperation with Galaxy Production, which is very good at doing IP. Lu Qingwu’s “Flower and Romance” is also about to be filmed. Director Xiao is trying his best to suppress Qi Nian.

Director Xiao led Lu Qingwu to meet a middle-aged woman pretending to be a chance encounter, and she was Pei Yan, the owner of Galaxy Production. Director Zhang deliberately suppressed Qi Nian on the grounds that the film adaptation needs to have fan traffic, and the number of Qizai fans is too small. Pei Yan saw sincere intentions from Qi Nian’s cartoons, and even satirized whether this is something that some top IPs can’t do. Lu Qingwu heard what it meant.

She got up and left the table arrogantly, but accidentally collided with the waiter who came in to pour tea. The tea in the pot spilled over Pei Yan, Director Xiao quickly got up to apologize, but Pei Yan lost his patience and just waved his hands and said it was okay.

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