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Be With You 好想和你在一起 Episode 19 Recap

As soon as Qi Nian woke up, Ji Yanxin’s face appeared in front of her eyes. Such sweetness was a scene she had been waiting for for too long. Xinxin called untimely, and Qi Niansheng was afraid of waking up Ji Yanxin and fell to the ground all of a sudden, so he could only crawl forward. Ji Yanxin turned over and answered the phone. He was able to answer the phone at this time.

This is a man who succeeded in sleeping clothes. Qi Nian hurriedly explained that the two people have a very pure relationship. Xinxin informed Qi Nian that the signing event of “Beauty is suitable for repair” will be officially held next week. The focus of the promotion is three-dimensional love. This is to use the prototype of Ji Yanxin as a selling point.

Ji Yanxin rented the room as Qi Nian’s studio, which made Qi Nian happy. She acted like a baby and asked Ji Yanxin to hug her and visit every room. Seeing her boyfriend think about herself like this, she always suspected that she really wanted to go back and slap herself twice. Ji Yanxin also discovered that her black hole brain should be good. Take care of it.

Ji Qiu closed the big station with hundreds of thousands of fans, and also took off Jin Xianyu. When she was in a bad mood, she went to post it for comfort, and unexpectedly saw Qi Nianfa’s “boyfriend wants to deal with me, what should I do if I am not allowed to get out of bed” With such a hot topic, Ji Qiu’s gossip soul was provoked again. Qi Nian finished half a month’s drawing ahead of schedule because of depression, and she was doomed to be unable to escape Ji Yanxin’s entanglement these days with nothing to do. Coincidentally, Lu Qingwu also came to the post bar and left a message. This is the fun of lovers. Ji Qiu clicked on her avatar, and the question at the top was that the young boyfriend was more traditional than himself, how to chase him.

Witnessing two blasting loves in this day, Ji Qiu smiled all over the sky. Lu Qingwu recalled that Siqi had brought herself a jacket and a thermos. She was afraid that she would be exposed to illness, with a happy smile on her face. But Ji’s family has house rules, cohabiting before marriage is something that Siqi can’t do. Lu Qingwu looked at the 22-year-old legal marriage age for a man on the computer, and felt that she was really going to be an older leftover woman. She really wanted to raise Si Qi in captivity.

Director Xiao came to Lu Qingwu, and there was a lot of trouble about Siqi’s welcoming beatings. This time, Lu Qingwu blatantly turned on the short-term protection mode. Director Xiao wanted to transfer Si Qi to logistics first, but Lu Qingwu insisted that Si Qi did not need to worry about it. Si Qi called out Xiao Jia. Lu Qingwu’s works were created by her subordinates.

This is a thorough ghostwriting, and this is not the professional ethics that a cartoonist should have. Xiao Jia told Si Qi that it was not that Lu Qingwu couldn’t paint, but her fancy dragging manuscripts simply left them at a loss. They had to find someone to ensure that the manuscript was delivered on time. Xiao Jia took the quota for next week, and the task of reminding the manuscript was transferred to Si Qi.

Shao Zui ordered a bunch of desserts for Ji Qiu, and he scooped up sesame glutinous rice balls to feed Xiang Jiqiu. Ji Qiu thought of her lazy math test results when she was a child, and was afraid that her parents would scold herself when signing Ji Yanxin. She was crying with rain in front of Shao Zui. Shao Zui offered to help her sign and wipe the corners of her mouth soaked with sesame seeds. He also claimed to be Ji Qiu’s little brother and would definitely take care of her. Seeing Shao Zui standing up close to him, Ji Qiu closed his eyes nervously, but Shao Zui just wiped her mouth as usual, which made Ji Qiu a sigh of relief. Ji Qiu, who has lost his idol, is determined to focus on her career.

It just so happens that “Beauty Yixiu” is going to be filmed, and Shao Zui asked her to join the project. On the other hand, Director Xiao learned the news that “Beauty is suitable for repair” is going to be filmed and television, and immediately ordered people to prepare the information of Qizai, and a public opinion battlefield conspiracy was about to kick off.

Ji Qiu carefully made a film and television plan, and Shao Zui deliberately asked Xinxin to give instructions to Ji Qiu who was hiding behind the wall. Xinxin’s plan has no specific plan, just an empty concept. But there is a deep emotion and understanding of the comic itself, which is worthy of further consideration. Shao Zui gave the project and Ji Qiu to Xinxin, so that someone could take care of Ji Qiu when he was away. Ji Qiu only paid attention to the rectification plan, but did not hear Shao Zui’s intention.

Si Qi was determined to be an unsentimental reminder machine. He cut Lu Qingwu’s nails short and set a timer. Of course these tricks are not enough to make Lu Qingwu compromise, but her boyfriend’s kiss can. Lu Qingwu wanted to continue to be gentle, but Siqi wanted her to hand in the draft first. But after going out for an hour, Lu Qingwu still didn’t paint a single stroke.

She acted like a baby and had no inspiration. Si Qi had to hold her hand and accompany her. Kissing her boyfriend’s cheek to charge up the battery, Lu Qingwu turned in on time for the first time. Xiao Jia asked Si Qi for tips on reminding the manuscript, thinking about the kiss between himself and Lu Qingwu, Si Qi told Xiao Jia not to even think about it.

In order to rest and relax, Lu Qingwu held Si Qi to play for 15 seconds without blinking and staring at each other. Looking at the beautiful face of his girlfriend, Si Qi wanted to kiss her as a result of being bewitched. Lu Qingwu suddenly said that his eyes couldn’t stand it, and stood up, shy and angry thinking Qi and fled with a small temper.

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