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Be With You 好想和你在一起 Episode 18 Recap

Ji Qiu asked Shao Zui to find boys for the party, and Shao Zui said that he had found a car of male models. This is not in line with Ji Qiu’s plan. Ji Qiu wants to use those vulgar boys to let Qi Nian know that good men like Ji Yanxin are not always available. And I only need to send a few pictures of Qi Nian and other boys to Ji Yanxin. He is possessive and he doesn’t fly back immediately.

Qi Nian walked leisurely and accidentally collided with a boy wearing a mask. The boy saw that it was Qi Nian and took off his mask in greeting. It was Jin Xianyu who had confessed to Qi Nian that year. In high school, Qi Nian won the first prize in the painting competition. The original painting was his father when he was young, but Jin Xianyu mistakenly thought he was painting himself. The two people had such an oolong and never felt embarrassed to meet again. It was a coincidence that I did not expect to meet on this occasion today.

Lu Qingwu came to see Si Qi, for fear that he was injured, Ke Si Qi was angry that she didn’t care about other people’s slander on her. Lu Qingwu sighed, she cared very much and always cared very much, but what could be? She also has her involuntary body. But today, finally someone is willing to come forward for herself, and her heart is full of gratitude for Si Qi. Si Qi inhaled helium gas and made Lu Qingwu laugh with his voice. He arrogantly kissed Lu Qingwu and the two of them just laughed and teased each other.

At night, the gentleman Siqi sent Lu Qingwu back to the room, and Lu Qingwu, who was blocking the elevator, had been suggesting Si Qi. But it was decided that Siqi believed that the order of their understanding was wrong, and they had to start from scratch. He dropped a kiss on Lu Qingwu’s forehead, and the two lovers finally made it clear what they wanted.

A group of fans saw Jin Xianyu and was excited to rush over. Jin Xianyu caught Ziqinian and turned around and ran to the VIP box. Standing at the door and waiting for the year of the year, Ji Qiu watched his idol run by pulling the year of the year, and couldn’t think of how they would be together. Jin Xianyu has now made his debut as Ayu of XZONE. How could Ji Qiu miss this opportunity to have a close friendship with idols. Ji Qiu watched Jin Xianyu sing with an idiot, but Qi Nian wore headphones on his face.

Jin Xianyu walked to the opposite side of Qi Nian and sat down, learning that Qi Nian was struggling with his relationship, he was glad that he finally had a chance. He didn’t even remember whether Qi Nian High School had long hair or short hair, but he still pretended to be affectionate. At this time, instead of tangling, it is better to leave everything to God. Jin Xianyu took out the coin and threw it in the air, holding the fallen coin in his hand, and told Qi Nian that he would go to a place with him if he wanted to know the result. Qi Nian was anxious for the answer, so he followed to the open platform.

Jin Xianyu threw the coin into the distance, and turned to make Qi Nian believe that her true son was herself. Such rhetoric made Qi Nian roll his eyes in his heart, but it was also thanks to him that Qi Nian knew that Ji Yanxin was good. Jin Xianyu refused to give up. He thought he had a good-looking face and idol identity. He thought that Qi Nian was indispensable. When he turned around and spoke arrogantly, a hand appeared and dragged Qi Nian away.

Ji Yanxin pulled Qi Nian and closed the door of the private room. After a long time, he had a rotten peach blossom. Thinking of Ji Yanxin who didn’t answer his phone, and the arrogance just now, Qi Nian finally lost his temper. Facing the phone call from Jin Xianyu, Ji Yanxin ended the conversation with a kiss. It’s sad, but why he can be in the United States and the Beauty Academy, he can’t have a friend of the opposite sex. Ji Yanxin took out his mobile phone and sent a call, and the baby called by the other party made Qi Nian and the other party stand up. But when the other party said his son, Qi Nian instantly held his breath.

Shao Zui, who was worried about Ji Qiu, found Ji Qiu with a depressed look in Jin Xianyu’s private room. She drunk two of Jin Xianyu’s friends, only to hear a bunch of black faces of Jin Xianyu, which completely broke her number one fan. Thinking that Jin Xianyu was such a person, Ji Qiu jumped up to find Qi Nian, and Shao Zui held her to contact Ji Yanxin. Shao Zui sent an e-mail to Ji Yanxin, with the password being Ji’s family rule, “No violation before marriage.” Shao Zui knew that Ji Yanxin couldn’t resist his feelings for Qi Nian, so he would definitely rush over to find Qi Nian.

Before Ji Yanxin left, he came to talk to Shao Zui. He was not a decent gentleman, and his possessive desire for Qi Nian made him crazy. He wanted to leave for a while, to give Qi Nian space and a period of calm down. But the brief separation he worked so hard to manage was because a photo fell apart.

Shao Zui thoughtfully prepared a car for the two lovers who had solved their misunderstanding. Ji Yanxin drove Qi Nian all the way to the love hotel. At this point, Qi Nian couldn’t hide it anymore. She asked Ji Yanxin whether it was because of the Guzhen project that he deliberately approached herself, but how could he betray his feelings in exchange for benefits with Ji Yanxin’s self-esteem. Qi Nian has always had no confidence in this relationship because she doesn’t know why Ji Yanxin likes herself, and when did she like herself. Ji Yanxin told Qi Nian earnestly that he didn’t even know when it started. Qi Nian became an unforgettable concern in his heart. Without her time by his side, he always felt unspeakably uncomfortable. Maybe he was destined to fall in love with her since he heard her name, maybe he was born to fall in love with her.

Ji Yanxin forcibly endured his inner emotions and rationally warned Qi Nian that he was very aware of his desire to control. Maybe if Qi Nian stays with him like this, he will control her life like Siqi, and even take her on her behalf. But none of this was what Qi Nian wanted to hear. She repeated her question, why didn’t he answer the phone. Ji Yanxin was afraid, afraid that he would be soft-hearted. He panicked like this in a photo, if he heard her sweet voice again…Qinian kissed the man who loved him deeply, and the two finally clasped their fingers together on the soft bed to feel each other’s love.

Tired and tired Ji Qiu leaned on Shao Zui’s shoulder to sleep soundly. Shao Zui looked at the girl he had been growing up with, and said in his heart silently saying goodbye to her. He didn’t have much time to accompany her.

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