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The Envy Code รหัสริษยา Episode 11 Recap

Siwa (Bank-Athit) takes Chan Jang (Kookikik-Kochakorn) to eat to deceive inquiring about the car crash case. Therefore having to pretend to appease Moon Pray to tell the truth The story that took Lai (Pink Ploy – Paphawadee) plotting to kill her, Siwa didn’t believe it, but tried, uh. In case the moon will fall off.

Thana (Great-Sor Phon) was addicted to alcohol until he was drunk to rave about the villagers. Until Anon’s friend had to come and stop And began to lose patience with Thana So Nishada went to ask for help (Praew-Chermavee) asked Thana to go to Nichada’s house. For safety

Siva is asleep. Will wake up But changed his mind to give a blanket Sivadan woke up first, so grabbed the escort and sat on his lap. Then took her to find lipstick on the sofa at Siwanon So I asked who’s the person, Siva didn’t know. Chan Jarong came in and told me that her palai was angry.

Flour (Pan Pan) is disgusting Chan Jaeang, so pretend to rub the floor with water and splash it The moon screamed all over the body. Siva had to go to change clothes first. Siva hurried to escape. Chan Jaeng does not have a dress, so he has to bring the housekeeper of Phalaai to wear. And asked for Siwa and Nat (Khao Tao – Phol Phot), but an argument occurred Causing the moon to stumble and fall, pulling him down to hug I saw the flour and went to pull it. And manage the rules with jealousy.

Nishada hesitated to call Siva. But Thana came in and asked from the back. Shocked Nichada to fall down the stairs Thana grabbed it and fell to hug each other. Causing Nichada to kiss at Thana’s mouth full.

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