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To Love 最初的相遇,最后的别离 Episode 37 Recap

After discussing with the old Cheng Zhao Tinghui, Rigorous decided to trick Feng Weixing and be the scapegoat for the time being, so that Feng Weixing can spend the money with confidence and boldness. The specific path must be started from Xiaoou, as long as Xiaoou knows. Yes, Feng Weixing will naturally know.

Ji Xiaoou hurriedly went out to ask Zhao Tinghui about some rigorous things. Just when he went out, he ran into Feng Weixing who came to see him. Feng Weixing took the opportunity to send her to the police station. In front of him, Zhao Tinghui deliberately revealed that Zheng had been arrested, and The evidence shows that Sun Jiayu and Zhan Yu were killed strictly.

Xiaoou thundered, how could this be possible, it would not be true, it could not be true. At this time, Lao Cheng came to the police station to provide evidence that rigorously killed Sun Jiayu. At this moment, Zhao Tinghui noticed that Feng Weixing kept looking at the portfolio in Lao Cheng’s hand and saw Yang Cheng as he left. Opened the portfolio and showed evidence…

When Lao Feng drove Xiaoou to the underground garage, a rampant motorcycle rubbed Xiaoou’s car with a large amount of paint. She was so angry that she almost had to go to monitor and work hard, but Feng Weixing was persuaded. When the two of them returned home, Feng Weixing knew that Xiaoou was in a low mood and took the initiative to cook. He was so easy to chop the chicken into small pieces, stewed it and left after a few instructions.

However, after leaving Xiaoou’s house, he did not return to the hospital to take care of his son. Instead, he went to an Internet cafe to open a computer and published a rigorous murder article on a certain website. Then I returned home and went to the bathroom. After thinking about it again and again, it seemed that I had made a major decision. I took out a stack of money from the ceiling next to the bathroom lamp. Before she could install it, Niya came back.

Feng Weixing hurriedly covered up and pulled her out, but Niya’s next words shocked him even more. It turned out that Niya sold the house for half a million. In order to see the child, he felt guilty and grateful. After the hospital, the doctor’s words poured cold water on Feng Weixing. Lele has been experiencing symptoms of kidney failure these days, and the results of the operation may not be as expected. When he sent his son to the operating room, he had mixed feelings.

On the police side, according to the intelligence of the eyeliner, Feng Weixing paid all the money. It is not the stolen money that can be used. It was Fangnia who sold the house. The three of them felt ashamed, but it was useless to worry. There was no evidence. If Feng Weixing can be arrested directly, he can only wait and see.

Lele’s operation was very successful. As long as the next two weeks were spent steadily, everything was okay. The father and son looked at each other with tears, and it should not be easy to hold hands together to face the future after life and death. At this time, Lao Cheng found the hospital with an inspection warrant, informed Feng Weixing that he was suspected of killing Sun Jiayu, and brought him back to the police force. Similarly, the anti-drug team staff came to Feng Weixing’s home to conduct a carpet search. Xiaoouhe Niya looked at a loss at the side, but after working for a long time, she didn’t find anything, but took away all the knives in their house.

At the police station, facing Lao Cheng’s question, and showing Liang Li’s photo and confession, Feng Weixing insisted that he didn’t know anything. At that time, Lele was seriously ill, and he was so busy that he could not do anything. Where’s the ghost?

Feng Weixing’s psychological quality is unexpectedly good. Even after hearing the news that Huang Faxiang is still alive, he still yelled to confront Lao Huang. As for why he lied to Li Xue, Feng Weixing explained that he was afraid of Li Xue’s misunderstanding. One less thing, then I lied. And Huang had problems with his eyes, and it was raining that day. Did he say that if he saw a policeman shooting with his left hand, he would shoot with his left hand?

Lao Cheng took Huang Faxiang to the hospital, and the doctor informed that Huang Faxiang’s eyes did indeed have congenital optic atrophy. Cheng Ruimin was very angry, and Huang Faxiang even concealed his condition. The original iron proof became shaky, and the case encountered a bottleneck again.

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