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The Envy Code รหัสริษยา Episode 9 Recap

Thana (Great-Soraphon) tried to apologize to her mother. But mom is still touchy After Thana went there was a fight with Siva (Bank-Athit) who mistakenly thinks that Thana took Papa’s information to release the news Causing the Siva company to have problems.

The Palai (Pink Ploy – Paphawadee) organized a merit-making event on the anniversary of the death for parents. With Rasika (Pim-Pimphan) helped organize until the reporter interviewed the couple Razika faked good and led her in front of the reporters. Palai then said sarcastically that knowing the evil people It takes one person Upset Chan Jaarong (Kookikik-Kochakorn) was angry and brought water to splash. Making the Palai angry, opening the scene, hitting the moon, stirring up Razika tried to stop

Wut (X-Thitinan) disguised himself as a waitress at the event. In order to spy on secret information in Razika’s room safe With Palai and Meena (Bib-Watsaporn) helping to see the path But Razika seemed to know it. Notify the police to search Qualification can escape

Siva took a check to Thana to end the battle. Not letting Thana sell the secret to sell again Thana received the check and stood still, not responding, but Anon, the police friend of Thana, stole the check and threw it at Siwa. Said that Thana would not accept this check Because Thana didn’t But Thana picked up the check. Anon was dissatisfied with Thana doing this.

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