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The Envy Code รหัสริษยา Episode 8 Recap

Palai (Pink Ploy – Paphawadee) organized a scene for the two mother and daughter jewelry auction. Rasika (Pim-Pimphan) and Chan Jang (Cookikik-Kochakorn) Rasika spends unlimited money to bid all the diamonds of Mother Palai. After Razika is the bidder Both of them, mother and son were very happy. While Razika went on stage to say thanks Palai appeared behind the moon. And then ridiculed that the diamonds her mother bid was fake Because the real thing was in her neck Monday Brigade smirked, then dropped the bomb and walked away.

Thana (Great-Soraphon) had recovered with better symptoms. Palai brought flowers to visit, but was cheap. Nichada (Praew-Chermawee) extracted from entering. Both girls had arguments for each other. Until Thana told him to bring him in Thana talks to Palai like people do not know each other. Until finally, Thana asked Phalai the same question about marriage with Siwa (Bank-Arthit) but Palai was silent. Until Thana ordered Nichada to take the carriage away And don’t have to let in again Nichada dragged her carriage away. Palai tried to beg Thana, but she didn’t listen.

Take him home to find Ziva sleeping in the car, then went to awaken Siwa to nest at the back of the Palais in exhausted And then crying like a child, and Palai recounts how he felt about the problems of his parents that he could not accept.

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