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Psych-Hunter 心宅猎人 Episode 22 Recap

Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng found Xiao Zhi’s hiding place. Xiao Zhi saw them fleeing immediately. Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng attacked from both sides, fascinated Xiao Zhi with lightning speed, and entered his house. In Xiao Zhi’s heart, there is a strange theater. They entered his movie together. In his script, Shang Yu is the only protagonist. They found that Xiao Zhi had a crush on Shang Yu, but they went to find When Shang Yu and Xiao Zhi were together, they suddenly became children.

They entered a room, and Xiao Zhi hid in the dark to observe the faceless Shang Yu. The two of them just wanted to leave, but the zombies in his heart suddenly started to act. He didn’t want others to see Shang Yu’s secrets. Want to kill both of them here. Jiang Shuo adjusted the time to daylight to save Qin Yiheng, and the two returned to the underworld again. There are traces of six fingers in Xiao Zhi’s heart. They suspect that Shang Yu’s secret is likely to be related to Zhao Ling’s becoming Shang Yu. Two identical women, Shang Yu and Zhao, were pressed onto the court in the underworld. Ling, the two never knew the truth, so they had to leave his heart house first. After sober, Xiao Zhi immediately confessed his crime of killing Jinfeng, but he could not even tell the murder weapon, so he knew that this person was not the murderer. .

As the steward of Shang Yu, the master of no words was cleaning at Shang Yu’s house. Shang Yu walked into the room and was very nervous when he saw him cleaning the clock of the goddess. Shang Yu planned to go out to attend the movie queen awards ceremony. Master Yan found that Shang Yu had no traces of his daughter’s burns on his back. This discovery made Master Buyan lost his soul. At this time, the manager of the film factory came to ask Xiao Zhi about the killing. Under his introduction, Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng learned about the goddess clock, and Lily Hua turned out to be Shang Yu’s representative. Qin Yiheng and Jiang Shuo suddenly realized , The murderer is about to surface.

Shang Yu saw Master Fuyan desperate and went into the bathroom and followed in. She denied that she knew Zhao Ling. Under the constant entanglement of Master Fuyan, Shang Yu simply pressed Master Fuyan into the bathtub and drowned him. Yuan Muqing downstairs heard the voice and rushed upstairs. Fortunately, he came in time and rescued the dying Silent Master. When Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng arrived, they only heard the Silent Master saying that Shang Yu was not Zhao Ling, the two hurried to the award ceremony of the movie queen.

At the awards ceremony, everyone was silently mourning the death of Jinfeng, but the awards still have to continue. The first appearance is the very popular Shang Yu, and then the session where Miss Rose should have appeared, but it was dead. Jinfeng, the host and everyone present were so scared to hide in the corner. Although Shang Yu was shocked, in order to get the movie queen’s trophy, she didn’t even fear the ghost of Jinfeng. When she knew that the movie queen had awarded the dead Jinfeng, she won the trophy and threw it directly on the head of Jinfeng.

Even if Qin Yiheng appeared and saved “Jin Feng”, Shang Yu was the real murderer of Jin Feng, and Shang Yu, who finally pleaded guilty, was put in prison. It turned out that the day she killed Jin Feng, Jin Feng ran into her bare face. The birthmark on her face was very ugly. In order to prevent her from leaking the secret, Shang Yu killed Jin Feng. At that time, the janitor saw him, and the janitor threatened Shang Yu with this. Shang Yu had no choice but to kill the janitor again. But in the end, Xiao Zhi ran into him. Xiao Zhi liked Shang Yu and was willing to commit the crime for her.

And Shang Yu did know Zhao Ling. Because the two looked like sisters, Zhao Ling became good friends with her, so he gave his earrings to Shang Yu, but Shang Yu was not admitted. Zhao Ling was admitted. However, Zhao Ling was suddenly taken away, leaving behind a necklace of lilies. Shang Yu, who was originally named Liu Li, changed his name and replaced Zhao Ling in the crew. Shang Yu took out the letter that threatened him earlier, and they guessed that Six Fingers had set them smoke bombs. Shang Yu went to jail, told Mr. Buyan about Zhao Ling’s little secret, and returned the necklace to Mr. Buyan.

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