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Psych-Hunter 心宅猎人 Episode 21 Recap

Shang Yu had no memory of Zhao Ling at all, and he didn’t react at all when he saw the Master Silence, and was anxious to leave the courtyard, but the lily necklace on her neck was made by the Master Silence himself. On the other side, the dead people in the crew were actually known by the people in the newspaper. They publicized it, and Qin Yiheng and Sheriff Bai were very puzzled. And everyone in the Da Zayuan came to the crew to act as a group. It goes without saying that the master looked at the desperate Shang Yu very worried.

The strange thing is that Shang Yu is no longer the heroine. The director temporarily changed to an actor named Jin Feng because of her bad condition. Shang Yu was sad behind the stage, and Jiang Shuo was watching her silently, while the audience was all Because I was very angry about changing roles, I made a lot of noise at the press conference and became a mess for a while.

Afterwards, Jin Feng broke into the dressing room angrily, berating Shang Yu, believing that she was secretly messing up, and deliberately finding someone to mess with her place, everyone wanted to persuade Shang Yu to apologize to Jin Feng, but in fact Shang Yu did nothing. , She didn’t want to admit defeat in front of others, so she could only pretend to leave arrogantly, and there was a sneaky person in the corner silently watching Shang Yu.

Qin Yiheng and Yuan Muqing investigated Shang Yu. She was a singer with amnesia that suddenly appeared a year ago, so Chang Shanzhou did not have her information. Yuan Muqing felt that Shang Yu was probably Zhao Ling, so Jiang Shuo planned to follow up and investigate. On the other side, Shang Yu returned home alone, not to mention that the master came out of the house. He was just Shang Yu’s newly-appointed butler. Although he cared about Shang Yu meticulously, Shang Yu was in a bad mood but failed to capture his heart. .

The crew actually found Jin Feng’s body on the scene the next day. Sergeant Bai took Qin Yiheng and Jiang Shuo to the blood-stained dressing room. Jiang Shuo noticed the blood on the ground bouquet and guessed that the body had been dragged. The murderer People who kill according to the design of the movie must be someone who has a certain understanding of movies. At this time, the door was already crowded with reporters. Jiang Shuo saw Yuan Muqing in the crowd and rushed up to catch Yuan Muqing who had almost fallen. She returned to the dressing room with her accidentally crippled feet.

After that, Qin Yiheng and the two came to the newspaper that reported the news of the Six Fingers in Changshanzhou. The people in the news agency were not good at it. They insisted on knowing the news of the Jinfeng case before they were willing to tell them about the Six Fingers. Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng took fake news. They threatened them with the crime of “Six Fingers”, and they had to tell them all. It turned out that the six fingers were given to them by the studio manager. So Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng went to the film studio manager again, but the director insisted that Liuzhi was a character they had dreamed of.

From the suspect Shang Yu, they learned that Shang Yu was always followed by a strange person wearing a hat recently, but when Yuan Muqing mentioned Liuzhi, Shang Yu suddenly left the field for uncomfortable reasons, and Shang Yu Of movie fans stood in front of Shang Yu’s house to prevent the police from handling the case. Qin Yiheng also asked the doorman of the film studio. It was true that on the night Jinfeng died, she entered the dressing room with a hunched man, just like what Shang Yu described. Qin Yiheng returned to the dressing room to search for Jiang Shuo and Yuan Muqing when they met, but they heard a scream outside the door. Someone was murdered. Although it was also an imitation of the plot of the movie, it was a little different. They guessed it might be the dead. The clues left.

Before getting the truth of the matter, Jiang Shuo heard that the people in his compound were taken away as murderers. He hurried out. They were most likely framed. Inspector Bai would not wrong the good people, but could only appease Jiang. Shuo, first take these biggest suspects back to the police station. Solving the case is imminent, otherwise, even if everyone in the compound is released due to insufficient evidence, they will be ashamed and excluded by outsiders.

Although Zhao Ling was mentioned in the letter, although it was already certain that Shang Yu was Zhao Ling, the current Zhao Ling didn’t even know his master, so they planned to let Yuan Muqing take care of Shang Yu. After Yuan Muqing went back, he repeatedly checked the movie and tried to find clues, but the movie was only missed once. The murderer wanted to use the methods in the movie to commit the crime. He must have a good understanding of every detail of the movie.

The murderer must be on the scene. Or among the audience. After Qin Yiheng and Jiang Shuo questioned the director, the director finally told the truth. It turned out that this play was not written by him at all, but by Xiao Zhi, who was somewhat humpbacked. He left here because he changed the protagonist with a grudge.

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