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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 29 Recap

Zhao Zimo asked Sophia to have dinner at the Lingxiao Hotel restaurant for three consecutive days. After knowing Zhao Zimo’s intentions, Sophia felt eager to try this “invitation.” After several attempts, Pan Dongkai refused to receive Sophia again, and Sophia also learned of Lin Manyue’s “whereabouts” at this time.

Afterwards, Zhao Zimo personally submitted his resignation to Xiaqin. Xiaqin could not accept or approve it. Zhao Zimo hoped that Xiaqin would wait for three days and then understand him in three days. Facing Zhao Zimo’s resignation, Xiaqin asked Zhao Zimo to confess to him, but was interrupted abruptly by Sophia.

The “Love and Sweet Tea Room” activity at The Lingxiao Hotel is about to start, and the employees are looking forward to it. Unexpectedly, Pan Dongkai on the side is disdainful and cynic. Everyone knows that Zhao Zimo is about to leave, and they all stay with them. Xiaqin promises everyone that they will definitely leave Special Assistant Zhao.

For some reason, Zhang Liqian took Shao Yufang back to Zhang’s house. Shao Zi saw that Zhang’s home appliance light was broken and an occupational disease occurred. He was anxious to ask Zhang Liqian if she had more light bulbs to repair. Unexpectedly, Zhang Liqian blurted out the words that made Shao Yufang directly doubt what was in front of him. Zhang Liqian, may have been thinking of Aniu’s memory…

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