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Half a Lifelong Romance 情深缘起 Episode 30 Recap

His mother drove Shen Shijun out of the ward, accusing him of not being named and staying in Gu Manzhen’s room day and night, which affected her reputation. Shen Shijun had no choice but to believe that Gu Manzhen was his wife, and when he handled Longtai’s affairs, he announced to the world to propose marriage.

Shi Cuizhi helped Shen Shijun to speak, and praised him for his filial piety in front of Master Shen, so that Master Shen should not care too much. Master Shen thought that the abacus was in Shi Cuizhi’s hands. Shi Jingxuan also came when the two were chatting. Master Shen joked that he used the abacus to calculate the debts of the two families’ children.

Shi Jingxuan suggested that he wanted Shi Cuizhi to go to Longtai to study business and asked Master Shen for his opinion. Master Shen felt very surprised. But Master Shen said that he would wait for a while, because he had just quarreled with Shen Shijun and he was not sure what he thought. If Shi Cuizhi could go to Longtai, he would be willing to give the professor.

Shi Cuizhi worked hard and studied hard in Longtai, waiting for Shen Shijun to return. Boss Qin talked to Shen Shijun about the contract. Seeing that he didn’t want to leave, Shi Cuizhi took the initiative to talk to him. Boss Qin meant that the fur was affected by damp and could not be repaired or cut. Seeing Shi Cuizhi’s confused look, Boss Qin did not want to discuss cooperation with her.

Shi Cuizhi was a little depressed, but wanted to bring Shen Shijun back. Shi Cuizhi came to Gu Manzhen’s ward and apologized on behalf of Mrs. Shi, hoping that she would get well soon, because Shen Shijun gave up Longtai for her. Shi Cuizhi came over to scold Shen Shijun, accusing him of not doing this.

Gu Manzhen finally woke up and Zhang Yujin was her attending doctor. Gu Manzhen doesn’t seem to remember what happened before, she just feels a headache. Zhang Yujin told her not to think too much, but to keep quiet. When Shen Shijun saw Gu Manzhen wake up, he was very happy, saying that he hadn’t taken good care of Gu Manzhen and he would not let Gu Manzhen leave his side. Gu Manzhen said that he was okay, and that he would be lucky if he didn’t die. But Shen Shijun talked too much, reminding Gu Manzhen of those bad things.

Zhang Yujin told Gu Manlu by phone that Gu Manzhen was awake, but he needed to calm his body and not be stimulated. Shen Shijun and Shi Cuizhi took turns taking care of her, reminding her that because it was a concussion, she may have sequelae.

Zhang Yujin gave Master Shen’s medicine to Shi Jingxuan and asked him what Master Shen thought about, if there is a possibility of a radical cure if surgery is performed. But Shi Jingxuan did not tell Master Shen the truth at all, and said Master Shen did not want to have an operation. Shen Shijun returned to Longtai and signed the acquisition contract with Boss Qin and others. Liang Shu called reporters and the media to take photos and promote. Shen Shijun knew that Shi Jingxuan must have arranged such a show with Uncle Liang. He was a little unhappy, and Shi Cuizhi apologized on behalf of his father.

Shi Jingxuan asked Zhu Hongcai to arrange that a businessman from other places wanted to talk about Longtai’s business, and an oiran like Gu Manlu needed to accompany him. Zhu Hongcai came over to invite Gu Manlu to go to Paramount to discuss business at night. By the way, she could meet Shen Shijun’s father, Mr. Shen. Originally, Gu Manlu didn’t want to go. When she heard that Mr. Shen was coming, she agreed.

Gu Manzhen wants to be discharged from the hospital, but Zhang Yujin can’t be the master. I hope she will take care of her health. When she happened to meet Shen Shijun in the hospital, Zhang Yujin mistakenly thought that Shen Shijun was not filial and that she would not care about Master Shen well and was prejudiced against him. Shen Shijun felt very strange. Shen Shijun returned home and asked Liang Shu whether he had concealed himself about Master Shen’s body. Gu Manlu came to Paramount and saw Master Shen sitting there. She tidied up and walked over.

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