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Be With You 好想和你在一起 Episode 17 Recap

Lu Qingwu proposed that her next work could be handed over to the Mancao platform for serialization, on condition that Siqi’s contract was required, but Siqi had already terminated the contract an hour ago. Qi Nian contacted Lu Qingwu. She knew that Siqi’s talent did not want to restrain him, but such direct termination would make Siqi very hurt. Qi Nian asked her to train Siqi well and not use him as a tool for making money.

Si Qi came to Lu Qingwu’s house and said that he would find the hook line pen that Qi Nian had given him back. He accompanied him in such obscurity, because he had done something wrong to be treated like this. Lu Qingwu opened the door to let him go in and rest, and went to find another room by herself. Si Qi pulled her and closed the door. He held Lu Qingwu and took the initiative to kiss her. Lu Qingwu secretly raised his hand and wanted to escape with the last reason. Ke Si Qi held her hand. Sometimes he really did and Ji Yanxin is just as domineering.

Qi Nian Dao Ji Yanxin’s office begged for a hug. Sadly, she was drunk, singing and crying, and vomiting Ji Yanxin. Qi Nian apologized for what she did, but Ji Yanxin cared about her constantly blaming herself. The big things have their own lives, and he hopes that Qi Nian can be happy. When the morning meeting time came, Qi Nian hurriedly hid under Ji Yanxin’s desk with a depressed face. The female staff accidentally dropped the document, Ji Yanxin waved her hand, bent over to pick it up and took the opportunity to kiss Qi Nian to take advantage. With such a black-bellied boyfriend, Qi Nian can only bite his lips and slander.

The alarm sounded, and Lu Qingwu hated that it disturbed her dreams. Si Qi prepares breakfast and wakes her up, which is different from Lu Qingwu’s ambiguity, but Si Qi behaves very coldly. Siqi offered to associate with Lu Qingwu, but was unexpectedly rejected. Lu Qingwu believes that communication is because of love, and Ke Siqi’s feelings for herself have obviously not yet reached love. In fact, Si Qi couldn’t judge himself, Lu Qingwu’s appearance was frequently frantically tested in his minefields. He didn’t know what Lu Qingwu liked about him.

Ji Qiu was late for work, but the character clock machine failed again. If he wanted to ask for leave, the CEO directly approved it. But the red cross on the personnel records made Shao Zui have to talk to her. Ji Qiu pouted and promised that he would go to work on time and work hard.

Lin Yi came to Ji Siqi for a meeting, and Qi Nian officially introduced that he is now Ji Yanxin’s true girlfriend. Lin Yi smiled meaningfully when she heard Qi Nian’s last name. She reminded Qi Nian to think about what Ji Yanxin was after her. These words stabbed a suspicion in the heart of Qi Nian, who was not self-confident. Ji Yanxin has something to go to the United States temporarily. He set aside a day in advance to date Qi Nian. Qi Nian asked him if he would be too tired like this. Ji Yanxin didn’t think about why he would be tired with the person he liked. But Qi Nian’s heart silently asked if he really liked him.

Two people went to watch a couple’s movie together. Qi Nian had been avoiding Ji Yanxin, and the more confined space of the old-fashioned movie casually added a sentiment. Ji Yanxin couldn’t bear the longing in his heart, and kissed affectionately around Qi Nian. But Qi Nian pushed him away, stood up and hid away. Ji Yanxin thought it was Qi Nian’s feeling that he was not used to being in love. He frankly said that he would give Qi Nian time to adjust, but he hoped that he would not wait too long.

Qi Nian came to the office to find Li Yue. She wanted to know the endorser of the Guzhen Project. But this project is confidential content managed by Ji Yanxin himself, he cannot say. Qi Nian entered Ji Yanxin’s office. In the trash can there was a survey of his father Qi Chengyi’s data. The survey date was in early May, which happened to be the time when Ji Yanxin and her met. Qi Nian speculated that Ji Yanxin first met his father and interacted with him entirely because of the project.

Ask for his father. When Ji Yanxin returned to the company, the front desk was transferred to a woman’s phone. As soon as the other party spoke, he called Ji Yanxin baby, but Ji Yanxin did not refute, saying that they would have a week to get along in the United States. Qi Nian, who stood outside the door, heard this conversation and confirmed his conjecture even more.

Lu Qingwu was waiting for an interview in the conference room. The man in suit and leather shoes who came in was actually Si Qi. Si Qi closed the blinds and walked towards Lu Qingwu. The atmosphere of the two people in the meeting room was also hot. Xiao Jia knocked on the door at the right time and informed Lu Qingwu to attend the evening welcome party. Lu Qingwu quickly pushed Siqi to Xiao Jia, which was a disaster.

The sales of “Beauty Should Be Repaired” skyrocketed, but Qi Nian painted like chicken blood for three days in a row, and almost finished the next month. Ji Qiu and Xinxin both saw Qi Nian’s abnormal appearance. Qi Nian said in a low voice that maybe this relationship was his own wishful thinking, and Shao Zui came to make matters worse and said that this American woman was probably Ji Yanxin’s Bai Yueguang. Ji Qiu made him shut up with a kill. She was going to hold a party for Qi Nian, so that Ji Yanxin knew that Qi Nian was not necessary.

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