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Be With You 好想和你在一起 Episode 16 Recap

Lu Qingwu looked at her cartoon, feeling that unrequited love is like a dumb eating coptis. This kind of sadness and sadness of Lu Qingwu makes editor Xiao uncomfortable. For people the company wants to dig, her style has always been to eat the other party. Siqi came to the coffee shop where he used to work and confessed that he had lost his life after drinking. Friends congratulated him on finally becoming an adult. Of course Siqi was angry, and his friends asked him to call the police again, but Siqi said it was not that serious. With such a dual-standard attitude, how could my friends, as girls, be unclear about how he likes Lu Qingwu in his heart. Sister Chong who is pregnant with the baby reminded him that he must abide by the traffic regulations when he takes the driver’s license, otherwise he will become like himself if he is not careful. As soon as the words were finished, Sister Chong, who was due to give birth next week, had broken amniotic fluid.

Lu Qingwu looked at Siqi’s positioning in the phone and came to the door of the coffee shop. She confessed to editor Xiao that she really wanted to catch Siqi. Siqi’s phone came in, yelling for him to come and save his life, Lu Qingwu hurried in and held Siqi’s face for fear of him being injured. Lu Qingwu took Sister Chong to the hospital, and Si Qi was very grateful to her. But when the style of painting changed, Lu Qingwu threatened Siqi with the drunken video of Siqi shot that night, and said what would happen if he was pregnant with a baby, the father’s position, pointing to the face and let Siqi punch today’s kiss . Siqi was ashamed and angry. He opened the door and got out of the car. Looking at the photos sent by Lu Qingwu on the phone, he stood and kissed Lu Qingwu hard, and said that it was a week of punching in, making Lu Qingwu angry. Not light.

Thinking of the day that Ji Yan credited Shao Zui to a blind date and threatened him, Ji Qiu came to the office to look for Shao Zui. Shao Zui praised him first, and completely regarded Ji Qiu as a child. The two were fighting, and Shao Zui, who was about to see the client, was called away by the supervisor, and Ji Qiu, an intern, was really not suitable for staying in the president’s office. Obviously, the people in the company did not know about their relationship.

Ji Qiu and Qi Nian talked about Siqi’s recent style of painting. Although his skills are solid, the characters always look sad. Ji Qiu asked Qi Nian whether Si Qi knew about her relationship with Ji Yanxin, and Qi Nian knew that Si Qi had always liked herself. Si Qi drew a cartoon character about a kiss, and all he thought of was the picture of Qi Nian and Ji Yanxin kissing that night. Lu Qingwu sent a WeChat message and finally interrupted his grief. Editor Xiao sees Lu Qingwu’s state. Although she has always been stubborn, the editor Xiao who knows her friends still gives out his advice. He can admire men but cannot sympathize, because once a woman begins to sympathize, he is not far from love. If you want to If you want to sacrifice for him, you will be completely locked up. Where did Lu Qingwu think that she was in love with a child, Ke Siqi’s reply made her thoughts fly to him.

Lu Qingwu covered Si Qi’s eyes from behind, and was hit on the ground by a shoulder fall. This is a habit cultivated in Siqi High School, but Lu Qingwu insists on holding him up, but Siqi gritted his teeth but did so. Ji Qiu suggested that Qi Nian start to update the sweet story after love, and Qi Nian called to ask Si Qi. Siqi, who has always been conservative, actually persuaded her to write more intimately, just like Lu Qingwu’s works. Qi Nian noticed Siqi’s weirdness, and asked him to continue to update the intimate pictures of the people he liked and his brother, which was really cruel to him.

Qi Nian went on a business trip one day to the signing meeting, which made Ji Yanxin unhappy. He didn’t want Qi Nian to leave himself for a second. With Ji Yanxin’s comfort, Qi Nian also confessed his worry about Siqi. Using Siqi’s talent to be his assistant is really a stubborn talent, but knowing Siqi’s intentions for him makes it more complicated for him to go to a better world. Ji Yanxin is still mature, and he comforts Qi Nian that Si Qi is not such a fragile person, it doesn’t matter if he is slow to other people, as long as he is sensitive to himself. Sending Qi Nian back to the rented house, Ji Yanxin had to let her kiss herself before letting her go. The gossiping security guard came to ask him again while licking melon seeds. Ji Yanxin was proud. It was his fiancée.

Lu Qingwu poured water for Si Qi, but Si Qi, who had to come by herself, was scalded by the hot water. Lu Qingwu sent him home, because his current mood is really unsuitable to be an assistant to Qi Nian again, and he was injured again. Si Qi always loves to play his temper. He feels angry that this is his own business. Lu Qingwu has always been around, so why bother with him every day. Lu Qingwu said in a hurry that she did this because she liked him, but after all, she was a rational person, and she said that she turned her head to get in the car.

Si Qi chased up and asked her if she was the truth, Lu Qingwu smiled and said that all this was false, including the things he had slept with himself. Seeing Lu Qingwu driving away, who said he wanted to return her freedom, Si Qi’s expression seemed very lonely. Within this day, they became a couple, and fate is sometimes tricky.

Seeing Qi Nian, whom he hadn’t seen for a long time, Si Qi was in a daze. Qi Nian offered to let the hot pot be slow again in the evening, this time it was Yuanyang pot. Qi Nian kept telling Siqi that there were some things that needed to be distinguished, and finally he said that Siqi would no longer be an assistant. The delivery period of the whole project was advanced, and Ji Yanxin asked employees to stay for overtime, but employees could ask for leave on the grounds of staying with their wives. Qi Nian came to the office to find Ji Yanxin to comfort him, but he instantly softened his heart and cancelled overtime because he was with his wife.

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