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Psych-Hunter 心宅猎人 Episode 20 Recap

Another conspiracy of Six Fingers was broken by them, but there are still new things waiting for them. Qin Yiheng reminded Jiang Shuo that although the general governor agreed to investigate the case, he was not allowed to approach Yuan Muqing anymore. Jiang Shuo has always been worried about the Six Pointers’ harm to him. Qin Yiheng comforted Jiang Shuo that people have their own choices, and it is not for them to decide whether to become good or evil. Later, when Jiang Shuo entered the six-finger Rubik’s Cube, the six-finger reminded him of the next clue, which was actually related to the daughter of Master Buyan, Zhao Ling.

Sheriff Bai was reinstated after breaking the Zhang Zongbao case. Even Yuan Muqing had to reinstate himself, and even joined the six-finger special operations team. This made Sheriff Bai very helpless and Yuan Muqing was on his way home. I saw the missing Zhao Ling in a daze, but couldn’t catch her. At this time, the guys in the courtyard accidentally talked about Zhao Ling, not to mention that the master regretted the original, and talked to them about the past with Zhao Ling. They were a little nostalgic for a while, but they had to live their lives.

Yuan Muqing suddenly came to the compound courtyard to look for Jiang Shuo and asked him if he had Zhao Ling’s picture again. Yuan Muqing talked about seeing Zhao Ling in a trance today, and asked Jiang Shuo, who had been reminded by six fingers, to be more vigilant. Jiang Shuo brought Zhao Ling. Yuan Muqing guessed that Shang Yu might be Zhao Ling. After a while, without saying that the master came back with everyone, he also brought a director. Jiang Shuo heard that he was in the concession, so he wanted to go to the concession to find Shang Yu to confirm, but the master vehemently opposed it. He also didn’t believe that Zhao Ling would go to the place where fishes were mixed.

Jiang Shuo didn’t want Yuan Muqing to go to the concession together, because he didn’t want Yuan Muqing to be hurt. Who knew that Yuan Muqing had misunderstood him, thinking Jiang Shuo thought he was in the way and left angrily. The next day Jiang Shuo took Koizumi to the concession to look for the director. Yuan Muqing followed them secretly. Jiang Shuo was taken to the dressing room because he saw Zhao Ling chasing him out immediately and happened to meet the director who was filming. When the director saw that he heard Six Fingers and entered the show, he did not hesitate to sign them.

However, Yuan Muqing’s trial performance was not so smooth. Her exaggerated acting skills were directly driven out. Seeing that Koizumi and Jiang Shuo were sent out, she dared not look at people for a while, so she quickly diverted her attention and asked Jiang. Shuo about Zhao Ling. Jiang Shuo and Koizumi did see Zhao Ling, but the director said that her name was Shang Yu, and Shang Yu saw that they didn’t respond at all and didn’t recognize them at all, which left the three of them confused.

At this time, Shang Yu in the background is removing makeup, but she does not allow anyone to remove the makeup on her face. Someone will always provoke her queen status. Shang Yu’s expression only improved after receiving a gift from fans, but she returned home. Finding that her room had been turned over, she quickly called the police. On his bedside table, there was a letter that Zhao Ling had received, saying that Six Fingers had come back and asked her to run quickly, and Shang Yu’s expression gradually flustered.

Jiang Shuohou was at Shang Yu’s door, and while Shang Yu was out, he used mind-reading to enter Shang Yu’s house. Who knew that Shang Yu’s house was full of faceless people. He was completely unsure whether this person was Zhao. Ling, in desperation, he could only take the person back to the compound first. After Zhao Ling woke up, he didn’t know his father and the people in the courtyard at all. Not to mention the master was heartbroken when he saw her look like this.

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