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Psych-Hunter 心宅猎人 Episode 19 Recap

Qin Yiheng and Jiang Shuo found some traces in Zhang Zongbao’s room. It should be someone who used the furnishings of the room to cause Zhang Zongbao to fall off the balcony after his death. At this time, they heard someone shouting downstairs that this person was from the Zhang family. The car parked downstairs was Zhang Zongbao’s new car. In his words, Jiang Shuo and the others noticed the crazy driver Xiao Wu, so they approached Mr. Zhang to question. Under their coercion and temptation, Steward Zhang revealed the location of Xiao Wu. He was locked in a movie theater.

When Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng arrived, Xiao Wu was in a trance and wanted to commit suicide. They showed up in time to save him. Jiang Shuo took the opportunity to enter his heart, and Xiao Wu’s female ghost who was talking about it rushed in. After attacking them in his heart, Qin Yiheng recognized that this female ghost turned out to be Jasmine that Qin Yiheng had seen in the police chief Bai’s file. Sheriff Bai and them drove to the place where Xiao Wu saw the female ghost. Everyone worked together to dig a place where the bodies of two people lay impressively.

After returning to the police station to deal with the matter, Qin Yiheng took Jiang Shuo to the ballroom. While investigating Jasmine, he let Jiang Shuo know about it. They found the management of the ballroom. This person told them how Jasmine had left. The two who found the clues returned to the Yuan Palace. The people in the Yuan Palace could not wait to leave, but when Qin Yiheng said that the murderer was between them, everyone sat back in fear. Later, Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng learned of a woman named Shishi from the demographic, who was good at performing magic tricks with white silk. , Because of Zhang Gongzi’s relationship.

They arranged the flower wall in Yuanfu at random, and only the Japanese knew the process. So the two went to Yamada’s room to search, and they found the deadly and highly toxic potassium cyanide in the pocket of his coat. The poison is Yamada who attended the banquet. But just when they were planning to give Yamada to General Zhang, Yamada suddenly vomited blood and refused to admit that he had killed Zhang Zongbao. Everyone present was silent, but the governor of Yuanda knew that there must be something wrong with this, because he wanted to give Zhang Zongbao. The general explained that he could only close the case first.

At the banquet, everyone was about to leave. Sheriff Bai brought the autopsy report. The other woman besides Jasmine was a poem that could dance magically. The Bai Ling found by Yuan Muqing in the trash can of Yuan Palace even more Qin Yiheng identified the real murderer. Jiang Shuo and Qin Yiheng deliberately simulated the process of Zhang Zongbao falling downstairs when everyone was out, and succeeded in getting everyone to stay. Qin Yiheng told everyone about the murderer’s criminal process and pointed out the real murderer-Writer Xu.

Xu Yashi is the younger sister of Xu Yishi. Her sister was killed by Zhang Zongbao. The dirt on Xu Yishi’s shoes was the soil where her sister was buried, and the tools used for the crime were hidden in her wheelchair. In fact, she is not disabled at all. Writer Xu finally stopped hiding and stood up. She was instructed by six fingers to carefully arrange the murder. Although Qin Yiheng found the murderer who killed Zhang Zongbao, he also helped Writer Xu find the murderer who killed her sister. The only witness.

The Governor of Yuan Dynasty originally wanted to pursue Jiang Shuo, but Jiang Shuo knew how to read the mind. They wanted to find Six Fingers based on this, and the Governor of Yuan Dynasty could only step back and demand that Jiang Shuo not approach his daughter Yuan Muqing. On the day Xu Ya’an was executed, many women who were persecuted by Zhang Zongbao bravely stood up and accused Zhang Zongbao of his evil deeds.

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