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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 28 Recap

Tianqin was rescued from Guimenguan, and Zimo, Shao Zi, and Li Qian finally put down the big stone in their hearts. Xia Zhiming rushed to the hospital to visit her daughter worriedly. The two said that they should not let Fang Yongjie know about it. In order to let her daughter have a good rest, Xia Zhiming went to Zhao Zimo to talk about Pan Dongkai in private. Zhao Zimo solemnly apologized to Xia Zhiming first, but Xia Zhiming expressed that Pan Dongkai was the veteran of the hotel and hoped that Zhao Zimo would resign voluntarily.

After the “fierce battle” the night before, Shao Zi slept unconsciously. When he woke up, he found himself sleeping in Zhang Liqian’s room. Before no one noticed, Shao Yufang got up and slipped back to his room, falling down and preparing to fall asleep. But I found… there was someone in the bed! ! ! On the other hand, Zhao Zimo, on behalf of the hotel, thanked Sophia for “reminding” the issue of ingredients and entertaining her to dine at the Lingxiao Hotel. In the face of Pan Dongkai, who has no repentance, Zhao Zimo hopes that Sophia will join hands with him to “meet” this Lingxiao elder…

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