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Healer of Children 了不起的儿科医生 Episode 8 Recap

Jiao Jiaren brought the art pictorial to Xiaoyu. Xiaoyu was very happy. When the two were watching with gusto, Xiaoyu saw his mother walk in and hurriedly hid the pictorial in the bed. Xiaoyu’s mother used the study materials to make him do the exercises, and the smile on Xiaoyu’s face disappeared instantly.

Although Deng Ziang had made it clear to Liu Minghui that the two were inappropriate, Liu Minghui still did not give up. She cheekedly ran to the hospital to find Deng Ziang. As soon as the two met Deng Ziang, they were called away by the nurse. Jiao Jiaren just came to the nurse station. Liu Minghui mistakenly thought that she was the “beautiful woman” she called Deng Ziang last time for dinner. She was so angry that she could hardly get up. Jiao Jiao saw that she was uncomfortable, so she kindly helped her, but Liu Minghui helped her. She slapped her face, but fortunately, Deng Ziang arrived in time to prevent her from going crazy.

Jiao Jiaren was beaten inexplicably, Fang Man went to the duty room to comfort her. After Gu Jiaren knew about it, she gave Jiao Jiaren a box of snacks, saying that she didn’t want Jiao Jiaren to be beaten because she was beaten because the beauty in Deng Ziang’s phone was not herself. She, Fang Man analyzed, Gu Jiaren’s move was because she felt Jiao Jiaren was not worthy to gossip with Deng Ziang, and Jiao Jiaren felt that she was simply unreasonable.

It was late at night, and Jiao Jiaren saw that Xiaoyu was still working on the exercises left by her mother, and the difficulty of the problems exceeded the range of what he had learned. She worried about Xiaoyu’s body, so she let Xiaoyu rest immediately in the name of a doctor.

The next day, Director Sun asked everyone at the morning meeting to take warning from what happened last night and not to let the patients’ families suspicious of things completely irrelevant to professional standards. She announced that Xu Bingze was preparing for liver transplantation. After returning to the office, Xu Bingze asked Jiao Jiaren to prepare a paper on liver transplantation within two weeks, striving to participate in the operation.

Seeing that Xiaoyu hadn’t finished the homework she left yesterday, Xiaoyu’s mother was furious in the ward. She was getting angry. Xiaoyu’s aunt took her daughter to see Xiaoyu. She asked her daughter to make up for Xiaoyu’s homework in the ward. Blaming her sister for not listening to their persuasion at the beginning, she found a little wandering life to live like this. She asked Xiaoyu’s mother to find a tutor for Xiaoyu, and asked the teacher to come to the hospital to make up for Xiaoyu. After she left, Xiaoyu’s mother was in a bad mood, so she cast her anger on Xiaoyu and scolded him and her father for being a virtue. Poor Xiaoyu kept her head down and said nothing.

Gu Jiaren asked about Deng Ziang and Liu Minghui. Deng Ziang apologized for not taking care of it. She and Jiao Jia were both lying down with guns. Gu Jiaren felt mixed after hearing this.

Shuo Shuo’s parents came to the office with gifts to thank Deng Ziang for helping Shuo Shuo’s father find a job. Deng Ziang has already left. Jiao Jiaren accepted the gift for him. They happily told Jiao Jiao that Shuo Shuo’s situation was also stable. Thanks to Deng Ziang for giving them. All brought hope.

Gu Jiaren deliberately took Deng Ziang to her home for her birthday after get off work. Deng Ziang apologized to Dean Gu for what happened last night and promised that it would not happen again. Dean Gu also learned about his job search for the patient’s parents and asked Deng Ziang how he likes the family. Deng Ziang is noncommittal, why not start a small family for himself. Dean Gu specifically told him to help bring Jiao Jiao in the hospital. Gu Jiaren’s mother prepared a sumptuous dinner to celebrate Deng Ziang’s birthday. During the dinner, she asked Deng Ziang to take good care of her daughter in the hospital. Deng Ziang said that she had always treated Gu Jiaren as his sister, and Gu Jiaren felt unhappy.

At this time Jiao Jiaren was on the night shift. She brought Xiaoyu a fragrant hamburger, but Xiaoyu was always depressed because of her mother’s criticism in the morning. He felt that she was too stupid and unworthy. Jiao Jiaren comforted him and said it was too difficult. Although his numbers were not good, he painted very well. Xiaoyu told her mother that painting was a waste of time. He tore up his painting in a fit of anger, covered the quilt and stopped talking. Jiao Jiaren had no choice but to put the hamburger on his bed. The head quietly left.

After a while, Jiao Jiaren found Xiaoyu in the children’s recreation area of ​​the nurse station. She reattached the torn painting by Xiaoyu and gave it to him, and sent the painting to Deng Ziang, in front of Xiaoyu. Called to ask how Deng Ziang painted, Xiaoyu finally smiled when Deng Ziang confirmed his painting.

The next morning, Jiao Jiaren was called to the office by Director Sun and criticized her for making a big mistake in caring Lu Zhengyu, the patient with appendicitis. Gu Jiaren was looking up and was called out by Deng Ziang to remind her not to make trouble. At this time, Deng Ziang received a call from her mother, Chen Meilan. Chen Meilan came back from abroad to give her son a birthday cake and offered to make up his birthday at noon. Deng Ziang just agreed. Chen Meilan received a call from the company and was about to leave. The smart Deng Ziang immediately changed her words. I forgot to make an appointment with a colleague just now, not to embarrass my mother.

Gu Jiaren took the patient for an examination, the little patient vomited Lei Hao, Gu Jiaren insisted on taking it back for him to wash.

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