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Healer of Children 了不起的儿科医生 Episode 7 Recap

Jiao Jiaren told Xiaoyu when she got off work that she would buy a hamburger and see him tomorrow, but Xiaoyu still did not speak. Jiao Jiaren blocked Deng Zi’ang downstairs in the hospital and wanted to ask him questions. Deng Ziang asked her about the kindergarten. Jiao Jiao promised that she would find a solution. So Deng Ziang sent her some information, Jiao Jiao was very grateful. Xu Bingze handed over the split liver transplantation plan to Dean Gu and invited him to eat at home at night. Dean Gu agreed, but said that he would only eat, not work.

Jiao Jiaren received a little boy with severe abdominal pain in the outpatient clinic. She quickly diagnosed that the patient had acute gastrointestinal perforation combined with acute peritonitis based on the child’s physical characteristics. She immediately asked her family to arrange for the operation in the hospital. The operation went smoothly. Gu Jiaren also participated. After the end, she praised Jiao Jiaren for the timely and accurate diagnosis for the first time.

Dean Gu went to Xu Bingze’s house for dinner at night and was surprised to see that his study was full of information about liver transplantation. Xu Bingze asked the hospital to give him this opportunity. President Gu knew that he was in urgent need of qualifications for an operation, but he said that the hospital for the operation needs comprehensive consideration.

Deng Ziang made a special trip to Xiaodi Kindergarten to find Dean Luo with a gift, and asked her to help educate Jiao Jiaren, because she came from a remote mountainous area. If she was returned, it would have been a big blow to her. Dean Luo couldn’t stand him and agreed. She joked about Deng Ziang’s relationship with Jiao Jiaren and helping her like this? Deng Ziang laughed and said Jiao Jiaren was his “disaster”, and Dean Luo reminded him to post money and stickers to train other students. People would not appreciate it. Deng Ziang said that he wanted Tong Xin’s reputation. Dean Luo laughed at his softest heart. It’s too poisonous.

After Dean Gu came out of Xu Bingze’s house, he immediately called Deng Ziang and asked him about his thoughts on liver transplantation. Deng Ziang didn’t care, saying that the hospital let him do it, and if he didn’t let him do other operations, everything Follow the hospital’s arrangements.

Jiao Jiaren went to see Xiaoyu before she got off work at night. She praised Xiaoyu’s excellent paintings and gave him a hamburger, but Xiaoyu still didn’t speak. But Jiao Jiaren hid outside the door and saw that she was gone, and the child secretly took the hamburger to the bed to eat, she was very happy.

The next day, Jiao Jiaren brought Xiaoyu the newly bought crayons and showed him the burger she painted last night, and begged him to teach herself to paint, but Xiaoyu covered up the quilt and ignored her. Jiao Jiaren was not angry. , Quietly sit next to Xiaoyu and paint by himself. The hard work has paid off. Through hard work, Fang Man’s needle acupuncture technique has become more sophisticated and has become the backbone of the nursing department. When she received the needle, no children complained of pain and no family members complained.

Jiao Jiaren asked Xiaoyu why his paintings had no color, and Xiaoyu lowered her head and said nothing. Jiao Jiaren told Xiaoyu a secret: One day when she woke up many years ago, the sky was gray, there was smoke everywhere, and everyone ran around. Jiao Jiaren was pressed under the stone and desperately called Mom and Dad. , Her voice became hoarse, but they never came. Since then, she has never seen her parents again. She still remembers that the day was black and white without any color. For a long time after that, she only Like to wear black, white and gray clothes. Jiao Jiaren said that this was the secret of their two good friends. She was not allowed to tell anyone. Xiaoyu and her hooked and finally agreed to teach her to paint. Jiao Jiaren was very happy.

When Wang Hang got off work, the two men took out the prints from the supermarket and wanted to change the dolls excitedly, but they were rejected by the shop assistant. Wang Hang approached the supermarket manager and asked them not only to change the dolls, but also to help an aunt. Fang Man was very impressed. When the two took the bus together, Wang Hang gave up his seat to an old man. The old man praised their young couple for their kindness, and Wang Hang was very happy.

Jiao Jiaren got lost after get off work and did not get home after working for a long time. When she bought a bottle of water and was drinking, she bumped into Deng Ziang who was running by. Deng Ziang’s mobile phone fell on the ground and splashed with water, and she was out of breath. . He took Jiao Jiaren to the door of a bookstore and asked Jiao Jiaren what the moisture content of her body was. Jiao Jiaren thought it was an exam question, and answered it in a serious manner. Thanks for bringing herself to the bookstore. Deng Ziang didn’t expect Deng Ziang to say that the water in her body was completely concentrated On the head, she ran away after she said it, Jiao Jiaren reacted, and she was so angry that she stomped her feet and scolded him.

The next day Jiao Jiaren approached Dean Luo to apologize, admitting that she was wrong in the hasty handling, and she should first appease the parents and should not rush to explain. This would intensify the conflict. However, she believes that every child should develop an independent personality, and excessive indulgence is not desirable. Dean Luo agrees with her point of view and is willing to give her another chance.

Student Shuo Shuo’s father expressed his gratitude to Deng Ziang at Tongxin Hospital. When he visited Shuo Shuo, he learned that Shuo Shuo’s father was unemployed. He told him that his company was looking for experienced technicians like him, and invited Shuo Shuo’s father to work in their company. Dad Shuo Shuo couldn’t ask for an interface for the system.

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