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Healer of Children 了不起的儿科医生 Episode 6 Recap

Jiao Jiaren learned that Gu Jiaren had performed an operation, and she was envious. Xu Bingze encouraged her to perform well in the operation just now. If she can’t pass it, she can do it. Deng Ziang saw Gu Jiaren’s proud expression and reminded her that she should aim more ambitiously. She is better than Gu Jia in terms of academic qualifications and should not be compared with her everywhere. Gu Jiaren is right when she thinks about it, so she will take Deng Ziang as a goal in the future.

Jiao Jiaren ran into Shuo Shuo’s father downstairs. Shuo Shuo’s father was fired by the company. He was afraid that his family would not be able to bear the blow, and asked Jiao Jia to keep the secret for him.

In the emergency department, a little boy with chopsticks pierced into his neck was admitted. His condition was very critical and he needed immediate surgery. Because Gu Jiaren had already left, Jiao Jiaren did Deng Ziang’s help instead. After the operation was completed, Deng Ziang criticized her for being delicate and not delicate, slowing down, fast and fast, making Jiao Jiaren extremely depressed.

Gu Jiaren went home and told her parents proudly that the surgeon performed today was very smooth. Gu Lifeng told her daughter not to be proud and reminded her to draw a line with Deng Ziang in the hospital, otherwise no one would dare to give her advice, but her mother thought the two had been together since childhood. Growing up, there is no need, only Deng Ziang is worthy of their daughter.

Cheng Zhitao saw Jiao Jia’s listlessness, and encouraged her to cheer up and give Lao Xu a challenge, because students represent the strength of the teacher. Deng Ziang had already surpassed Xu Bingze. She, a student, could not lose the chain. Jia Jiao listened very much. After being used, I immediately cheered up. She saw that Deng Ziang managed the small patients in a submissive manner, and learned from him. Deng Ziang asked Jiao Jiaren to go to the Xiaodi Kindergarten near the hospital on a rotation tomorrow to be a volunteer. Deng Ziang asked about Shuoshuo’s situation, Jiao Jiaren told her that Shuoshuo’s father was unemployed.

After get off work, Gu Jiaren waited for Deng Ziang to go with her downstairs. Deng Ziang asked her to go to Xiaodhui Kindergarten tomorrow. Gu Jiaren was not happy at first, but later heard that Jiao Jiaren was going, so she reluctantly agreed.

The next day, Jiao Jiaren rushed to the kindergarten after learning the skills of getting along with children with Fang Man in the apartment. She and Gu Jiaren arrived at the same time. Gu Jiaren mistakenly regarded Director Luo as a cleaning aunt, and called her “auntie” when she opened her mouth. Luo Yuan was unhappy, and Gu Jiachang was embarrassed when she learned of the identity of Director Luo. After Dean Luo told the two children’s admission procedures, they arranged for them to assist in the inspection of the children’s admission. Jiao Jiaren saw a five-year-old boy in the kindergarten fell. She saw that the child did not fall heavily, so she encouraged him She stood up, but she didn’t expect her mother to blame her for this move.

She accused her of lacking sympathy and called the dean to complain. She apologized to the parents and did not allow Jiao Jiaren to explain too much. After the parents left, the director of the garden asked Jiao Jiaren to take off the volunteers’ clothes and leave, because that was not the occasion for her to reason with the parents, and she would only hinder the children from entering the kindergarten. Gu Jiaren was defeated by Gu Jiaren again. She finally realized that she could not reason with her parents in a condescending manner, but should be considerate of their emotions. She was extremely disappointed and returned to the hospital.

Xiaoyu is Jiao Jiaren’s first hospitalized minor patient. He is very introverted. Jia Jiaren didn’t talk to her at all during the rounds. Jiao Jiaren had nothing to do and was called to a meeting by Cheng Zhitao. It turned out to be the patient waiting for a liver transplant. The source of the liver was found, but the donor was five years older than the young patient. Xu Bingze suggested a split liver transplantation. Some people suggested that this was Deng Ziang’s strength. Xu Bingze’s face was immediately unsightly.

Deng Ziang praised Gu Jiaren for her good performance in the kindergarten and gained a group of small fans. Gu Jiaren hurriedly offered to invite him to dinner. Deng Ziang just agreed to have dinner with her in the cafeteria, but before leaving, he received a call from her ex-girlfriend Liu Minghui. He Without hesitation, I went to Liu Minghui’s appointment.

In order to get close to Xiao Jia, Jiao Jiaren thought of a way. She bought snacks and put them on the table, and then hid quietly outside the ward with Fang Man to observe Xiao Jia’s reaction. Liu Minghui asked Deng Ziang for lunch, apologized to him for what happened last time, and hoped that the two will get back together. Deng Ziang made it clear that they were not appropriate and hoped that they would both calmly think about it. At this time, he received a call from Gu Jiaren. Liu Minghui misunderstood that he had found a girlfriend again, and was so angry that Deng Ziang couldn’t explain it, so he hurried to the hospital.

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