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Half a Lifelong Romance 情深缘起 Episode 29 Recap

Mrs. Shi was very angry, angrily about to divorce Shi Jingxuan, crying about her life. Zhu Hongcai made his own opinion and expressed that he wanted to help Mrs. Shi. Mrs. Shi still cares about Shi Jingxuan’s identity, so Zhu Hongcai should not poke a basket.

Master Shen was in a good mood and he wanted to choose a stone. Shi Cuizhi came to accompany him. Master Shen said that he valued Shi Cuizhi not because of Shen Shijun, or because he wanted a daughter and thought Shi Cuizhi was virtuous and kind. Shi Cuizhi said that although she did not like Shen Shijun, she was willing to accompany Master Shen and be his daughter in the next life.

Zhu Hongcai came to Gu Manlu, accused her of not offending Mrs. Shi, and said that he was willing to come and help her, except for the bad idea, which was to make her pretend to fall under the car and rest for a few days. Gu Manzhen quietly heard it. Gu Manzhen approached Gu Manlu and asked her if she had something to hide from her. Gu Manlu said she had nothing to worry about. She only wanted to let Shen Shijun marry Gu Manzhen. The two quarreled a few words about this matter. Gu Manzhen stood by Shen Shijun and hoped that Gu Manlu would give him more time .

Gu Manlu came out at night according to Zhu Hongcai’s instructions. He didn’t expect Gu Manzhen to follow. Zhu Hongcai wanted to knock Gu Manlu down, but Gu Manzhen rushed forward and pushed Gu Manlu away, and he was hit into the hospital.

Gu Manlu was very sad. Shen Shijun rushed to the hospital. He prayed that Gu Manzhen would wake up. If Gu Manzhen had something to do, he would not want to live. Gu Manlu said that if anything happened to Gu Manzhen, she would never let Shen Shijun go. It turned out that Master Shen wanted Gu Manzhen to be her concubine, but Gu Manzhen firmly disagreed, and Gu Manlu had previously offended the Shi family and could not enter and could not save Gu Manzhen. Shen Shijun sighed. He was a sinner who had harmed Gu Manzhen. He went out angrily and expressed that he wanted to get justice for Gu Manzhen.

Shi Jingxuan was very angry and accused Mrs. Shi, thinking that she had thrown her face in, insulting Mrs. Shi in front of Shen Shijun, and Zhu Hongcai would dare to come out of the Shi family. Shen Shijun was very angry. He desperately picked up the fruit knife on the table and asked Shi Jingxuan to explain to him. He was not allowed to move Gu Manzhen again, otherwise he would spend his life with Gu Manzhen. Shi Jingxuan couldn’t help it. He didn’t want Shen Shijun to be so impulsive, so he grabbed the fruit knife and stuck it in Zhu Hongcai’s hand, and Zhu Hongcai kept begging for mercy.

Shen Shijun didn’t want to follow Shi Jingxuan any more and decided to take Master Shen away. Master Shen was very angry, thinking that he was ruining his future because of Gu Manzhen. The two had a dispute. Master Shen was very excited. Shi Cuizhi took Shen Shijun away and kept asking him if he could throw it away. Open reality, reality is too terrifying, Shen Shijun said that as a man, he must take responsibility.

Both grandma and mother were sad. Looking at Gu Manzhen who was still not awake in the hospital bed, they apologized very much. Shi Cuizhi accused Mrs. Shi, thinking that they were all in the name of being good for her, and they also hurt the innocent Gu Manzhen. Gu Manlu was very angry and ran to Caiji Foreign Firm, beating and scolding Zhu Hongcai. Zhu Hongcai was also very angry, thinking that Gu Manzhen was his nemesis. He hated the two Gu sisters now and didn’t want to have anything to do with them anymore.

Shi Cuizhi wanted to fight hard by herself, and didn’t want to be controlled by her family. Shen Shijun stood by the hospital bed every day, talking to Gu Manzhen to himself, praying that she would wake up soon. His current mind is only on Gu Manzhen. Zhang Yujin is here, accusing Shen Shijun of negligence, and telling him not to hurt Gu Manzhen again, otherwise the sequelae will be terrible. Gu Manlu didn’t want to drink soup and wanted to go to the hospital to deliver soup to Gu Manzhen, but when he heard that Zhang Yujin was there, Gu Manlu flinched.

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