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Half a Lifelong Romance 情深缘起 Episode 28 Recap

Shi Cuizhi quarreled with Mrs. Shen. She didn’t want to be treated as a commodity. She angrily told Mrs. Shen’s sad things. Shi Cuizhi said that she did not want to live like her for a lifetime. Mrs. Shen was very angry. She knew very well in her heart that Shi Jingxuan did not return to Nanjing, but he played with many women in Shanghai and did a lot of hurtful things. Mrs. Shen looked at Shi Cuizhi now, and she complained that she blamed Shi Jingxuan and made Shi Cuizhi no longer believe in men.

Shi Jingxuan came to the hospital and asked Dr. Al to keep it secret, not to let him tell Master Shen’s condition. Zhang Yujin gave Master Shen’s medicine to Shi Jingxuan, and asked him to pay attention to the prescription every month and not to prescribe the wrong formula.

Zhu Hongcai called out Gu Manzhen and asked her to meet Master Shen. Master Shen hated Gu Manzhen’s aggressive appearance, Gu Manzhen was outspoken and thought Master Shen did not support Shen Shijun, and Shen Shijun had done too much for Longtai. Master Shen said that although he was in Nanjing, he knew everything about her and Shen Shijun. Master Shen offered to buy a house for Gu Manzhen so that she could become his wife and stay away from Shen Shijun. Gu Manzhen was very angry, thinking it was an insult to her and accusing him of never feeling love.

Gu Manzhen went home very angry and was seen through by Gu Manlu. Gu Manlu asked her why, and Gu Manzhen made an excuse to say that Shi Cui was looking for her to go shopping, and Gu Manlu believed it. Gu Manzhen wants to follow Gu Manlu to a foreign company to learn financial knowledge and express that he has plans to do business. Gu Manlu agreed and asked Gu Manzhen to learn how to play mahjong with his mother, so that it would be helpful in business entertainment.

Zhu Hongcai hurriedly reported to Shi Jingxuan. He saw Gu Manzhen get off the car very angry. Shi Jingxuan thought Master Shen was confused and went to make Gu Manzhen give up. Zhu Hongcai reminded Shi Jingxuan to beware of Shen Shijun and Master Shen.

Shi Jingxuan comforted Shi Cuizhi and said that he would not force her to marry, and that he was ashamed of Mrs. Shi, which was a must. He hoped that Shi Cuizhi would not be angry. He told Shi Cuizhi about Master Shen’s serious illness, and Shi Cuizhi was surprised.

Gu Manlu came to Caiji Foreign Company and talked to Zhu Hongcai about business, but she only wanted to know that Zhu Hongcai told the matter. Gu Manlu was very angry. When she heard Master Shen wanted Gu Manzhen to be his wife, she thought he was wishful thinking.

Shen Shijun arranged for Longtai and wanted to give out shares to other leather goods stores, but Shi Jingxuan scolded him to prevent him from being presumptuous in front of him. Master Shen reminded Shen Shijun to let him follow Shi Jingxuan’s arrangements. The reason he wanted to unite with Shijia was that he hoped that the Shanghai branch could digest his own inventory.

Shen Shijun apologized to Shi Jingxuan, saying that he shouldn’t run into him. He thought about it, and always felt that Master Shen’s condition was concealed. Shen Shijun took Gu Manzhen to his newly moved room, saying that he finally left the Shi family and was still free. Gu Manzhen returned the abacus to him, and Shen Shijun wouldn’t let her pay it back. Recently, he would be very tired, but as long as Gu Manzhen was there, he would feel at ease.

Gu Manlu came to Shi’s house to find Master Shen, but met Mrs. Shi. Mrs. Shi was angry with Gu Manlu and wanted to slap her, but Gu Manlu resisted. Gu Manlu said that Shanghai likes this kind of rich ladies lace news the most, but she is not afraid. Mrs. Shi can only swallow her anger and get angry when she returns home. She complains in front of Shi Jingxuan that she lacks a son in her life, and she is angry with a dancer.

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