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To Love 最初的相遇,最后的别离 Episode 36 Recap

Outside the interrogation room, Yang Cheng was stunned and the boss was too powerful. How did he get people back? But Zhao Tinghui didn’t want to show off his abilities, but instead urged Yang Cheng to keep it strictly confidential, and whoever revealed it was fully responsible.

In the hospital, Niya looked at Lao Feng, who was not thinking about tea and food, and felt anxious and distressed. But Xiaoou persuaded Feng Weixing to immediately pick up the bowl. Fang Niya’s face changed drastically, she shied away from going to the maternity checkup, and quickly left the ward, Feng Weixing chased up, and the two had a big quarrel.

Niya asked him loudly whether he liked Ji Xiaoou, whether he had been in love with her secretly these years, and if There is no rigor to pursue Ji Xiaoou. Xiaoou who was rushed over to send her mobile phone can hear clearly in the corner. She also had no intention of staying in the hospital any longer. She simply explained a few words and left.

After rigorously explained everything he knew, he called Zhao Tinghui and asked him to bring a message for himself. At night, Xiaoou stood alone on the balcony and saw a sky lantern rising in the distance. Her nose was sore in an instant. She must be strict and afraid of worrying, as long as he is safe. But she didn’t know that this was the Kongming Lantern that Zhao Tinghui put on at the strict request.

Feng Weixing opened the door carefully and looked at Niya, who was still angry with her back on the bed, explaining that she had really liked Xiaoou before, but after so many years, she had long regarded this girl as a younger sister, and now he truly loves this girl. The person is Niya. Niya didn’t get angry anymore when she heard these words. After all, she was a very open person. No one could change the past.

But Xiaoou didn’t think so. In the face of Feng Weixing’s constant concern, she could no longer pretend to be nonchalant. In her heart, Niya’s happiness is the first thing. Let him take the dumplings he brought back. Niya loves to eat. Feng Weixing nodded and said yes, and then inquired about the disappearance of the plainclothes policeman, and asked if Strict had been caught. Xiaoou was absent-minded, but just said that he didn’t understand. Feng Weixing thoughtfully picked up the dumplings and threw them in after going out. The trash can.

The old Cheng Zhao Tinghui came to the bureau to report on his work, and proposed to investigate the two cases together, and set up a special case team to be responsible for the investigation. The director admired the two young people very much. Despite the bizarre twists and turns of the case, he still resisted the above Pressure, adopted their proposal.

At the hospital, the doctor informed Feng Weixing that he had successfully found a matching model. The operation fee is now short. It is recommended to arrange the operation as soon as possible. However, the operation fee is not a small amount. Old Feng is worried, where can I get so much money.

Zhao Tinghui and Yang Cheng came to the place where Feng Weixing’s ex-wife Li Xue worked, and learned from her the reason why Feng Weixing left the police force. After Feng Weixing’s mother died of illness, Lele was also diagnosed with leukemia and did not ask for money. They were all left for the children to see a doctor.

The most suspicious thing was that Feng Weixing told Li Xue that his shoulder was injured by the arrest. After getting the important clues, Zhao Tinghui breathed a sigh of relief. After telling Li Xue to keep it secret, he returned to the police station to interrogate Deng Kun’s cronies and asked them about old A, and took out the photos of police anti-narcotics officers for them to identify.

Unexpectedly, nothing was achieved until the last person, Liang Li, appeared, which made the case a little clearer. According to Liang Li’s account, Old A once gambled in the underground casino he managed, but was later bought by Deng Kun and became an eyeliner. Most importantly, Liang Li recognized Feng Weixing in the photo.

Zhao Tinghui asked Yang Cheng to find out the recording of the police call for the dismemberment case, and ordered that it be handed over to the laboratory immediately to perform voiceprint identification with the information left by Feng Weixing. The case has reached here, and it is basically clear. Feng Weixing is in order to get a large amount of money. Then I went to the casino, and was also bought by Deng Kun for money. At the scene six years ago, after being stunned, Feng Weixing got the strict pistol, and the second son must have accidentally found out Feng Weixing’s identity. , Was utterly killed.

But when Zhan Yu died, Feng Weixing had an alibi, but the personal identification can be artificially created. Who knows if Niya has been used? Moreover, the one million that Deng Kun gave to Feng Weixing was not a small amount for Feng Weixing. He had to wait and see.

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