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To Love 最初的相遇,最后的别离 Episode 35 Recap

Xiaoou is very pleased with the life of her girlfriends now. Seeing that the relationship between Lele and her boyfriend is so harmonious, the two recalled the bit by bit of the university time, and they felt infinitely emotional, even though Xiaoou knew that someone from Zhao Tinghui was watching him outside the window, but Still pretending to be normal, talking about rigor after drinking three rounds, Xiaoou’s nose is very sour, when can rigor return.

Zhao Tinghui sat in the car and talked to Yang Cheng about the latest evidence: Huang Faxiang lied, and rigorousness did not kill Sun Jiayu. The murderer was the police insider. At this moment, Feng Weixing helped the drunk Xiaoou out of the community. Although she was muddled, she still chanted Feng Weixing’s life-saving grace to herself and her grandma a few years ago. After she declined his retention, Xiaoou After seeing Zhao Tinghui’s car, he said that it was the same way anyway. It would be better to send himself home. Zhao Tinghui didn’t dare to neglect, and got into the car with the drunk Xiaoou.

Niya gave a painting she had painted for a long time as a gift to Lao Feng. Thinking of the doubts these days, she shed tears and asked him if he really loves herself, and if it wasn’t for the child in his stomach, would he be with her After getting married, Feng Weixing hurriedly explained that there is no psychological burden to marry Niya. It is not convenient for Niya to wear a wedding dress with her pregnant belly. If she is dissatisfied, she can go to get the certificate tomorrow. Niya was moved, and the misunderstanding in the hearts of the two was solved.

In the car, Zhao Tinghui asked why Xiaoou and Lao Feng knew each other, Xiaoou sneered, isn’t it surveillance? It’s too inefficient, I don’t know this. As she talked, Zhao Tinghui stopped the car for a while. She bent over and vomited all the dinner out, and ran to the nearby river to catch a few breaths of fresh air. The sky at night is very quiet, as if it can make people forget their worries for a while. Zhao Tinghui doesn’t seem to be that annoying anymore.

Zhao Tinghui remembers that the first time he saw Xiaoou, it was in KTV, and she was drunk as soon as she sat down. Later, after I met, Xiaoou was in front of the wine bureau. In terms of drinking, he was indeed no opponent. Xiaoou saw that Zhao Tinghui was in a good mood, and tentatively began to want to ease the relationship with him. After all, in a rigorous case, it is not good to be too rigid with a police officer.

After chatting for a long time, the two returned to the car again. After sending them back, Zhao Tinghui thought about the case again. He called Lao Cheng to the office with a call. Feng Weixing was injured on October 18. According to the report, the right shoulder was severely injured, but he did not report it. Two days later is the time for action. If there are no left-handers in the police force, then Lao Feng who injured his right shoulder is suspicious. If Zhao Tinghui’s guess is true, then The good old people on weekdays are also terrible.

Old Cheng recalled the details of Zhan Yu’s case: the lighter in the body bag, the cigarette butt at the dissection site, and the action of the cleaner to pinch the waist. These evidences seemed to be beneficial, but in fact they could not stand scrutiny at all. There is one commonality: to prove a rigorous identity. Moreover, Huang was assassinated the next day after reaching an agreement with Rigor. It is very likely that the person in black overheard their conversation. At the beginning, the person in black was also going to kill Rigor, but he killed Zhan Yu by mistake. In desperation, this put the blame on rigor.

But whether Feng Weixing was a ghost or not could not be guessed by the two alone. Old Cheng encouraged Zhao Tinghui as long as he continued to follow the case.

In the hospital, Feng Weixing looked at Lele’s inspection report and couldn’t believe that his son’s leukemia had relapsed. The doctor told him that he must have a bone marrow transplant as soon as possible, otherwise his life would be unsafe.

Strictly dressed in black and wearing a peaked cap, he sneaked into Old Feng’s house. He carefully checked every corner with his gloved hands. At this moment, Feng Weixing came back and he saw a figure from the window. Intuition told Feng Weixing that this matter was unusual. He hurriedly took Niya back home, but there was no one at home. He had doubts, but Lele’s condition was the major issue that burned his eyebrows, and he didn’t want to think much.

Feng Weixing shut herself in the bathroom, Niya was so anxious outside that he couldn’t think about it, but Old Feng stared at the lamp on the ceiling of the bathroom with deep eyes.

Zhao Tinghui handed over the task of staring at Xiaoou to Yang Cheng, and he went out with a notebook. Here, Lao Cheng was still looking through Feng Weixing’s information, and was led to an unfinished building by a text message from his mobile phone. It turned out to be rigorous. Lao Cheng asked him why he wanted to escape. Enough to be shot twice, Zhao Tinghui only verified the evidence, and only by putting the evidence in front of him, this stubborn donkey would let him go.

During this period of investigation, he found that the sole of the cleaner was stained with yellow paint. The cleaner must have followed him secretly, and Zhan Yu’s death was an accident and a manslaughter. The inner ghost was supposed to kill him strictly. As Lao Cheng expected, Feng Weixing was also the target of rigorous suspicion.

Feng Weixing was next to him when Huang called. On the way back after meeting with Lao Huang, I rigorously drove Lao Cheng’s car and found that Feng Weixing was following along, claiming that he was worried that he would be infected with drugs again. At the time, I didn’t think much about it, but now I saw that there was something wrong. .

When the two of them were halfway through the discussion, Zhao Tinghui came out, rigorously stunned, but since the three people’s inferences coincided, they simply sat down to sort out the case together. Old Cheng was very pleased and persuaded the two to shake hands and make peace. As soon as he stretched out his hand, Zhao Tinghui actually took out the handcuffs to control the rigor.

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