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Qin Dynasty Epic 大秦赋 Episode 2 Recap

Introduced by Yangquan Jun Michen, Lu Buwei visited Mrs. Huayang. She happened to see her sitting in distress and holding a divination. The question she asked was actually related to her heirs. We know that she has regretted her being favored for many years, and she failed to give birth to An Guojun. This is where the heart knot lies.

Because of this, Lu Buwei even more vigorously persuaded Mrs. Huayang to summon Ying foreigners as soon as possible. After all, the Qin Law stipulated that only the clan with a surname win can be nominated, and the protagonist can inherit the foundation. Moreover, once the divination is revealed, it is already clear. This hexagram has never been bad. Even if Mrs. Huayang is unwilling to be reconciled, she still needs to take care of the overall situation. If you have a son, you will protect the palace.

Shicang planted his eyes and ears in Yangquan Jun’s Mansion. According to a secret report, it was learned that Lu Buwei had taken Ying Renren into the city, but because the hiding place was unknown, he could not rush to start the snake. Thinking of sending people to chase and kill him, he has missed, and Qin Gongzi Yingnai decides to personally lead others to guard outside the An Guojun Mansion until Lu Buwei shows up. Fortunately, Lu Buwei had a countermeasure. He prepared an oxen and a horse-drawn carriage in advance, and went on separate roads. As a result, Yingxi was wise, but he did not expect that the person riding in the oxcart was Michen.

That night, the clouds gathered in the sky, like thunder in the sky, lingering in the ears. Only at this moment, the rain came suddenly and the sound knocked people’s heart. An Guojun Yingzhu was distressed by the difficulty of Handan, arranging food and grass, and restless sleeping and eating all day. Mrs. Hua Yang was inconvenient to intervene in national politics, and simply informed Ying Zhu about the return of the foreigner.

At the same time, Zhao Guo’s secret agent must have learned that Ying Yiren was hiding in Xianyang Prison, and hurriedly flew a pigeon to spread the letter to Ying Sui. The dungeon that was originally settled in a corner suddenly broke into countless Qin Shi, broke the door lock, and saw Ying Foreigner standing in place. Even though he was dressed in coarse cloth, he still did not lose his manners and demeanor. Facing the elder brother’s questioning, he tried to respond calmly and calmly. A little confused and determined.

Prison jailer Zheng Huo couldn’t stop Ying, so he slipped out of the dungeon to report the letter. Lu Buwei told him to try to delay, and then rushed to the An Guojun Mansion for help. Zheng Huo was entrusted in the face of danger, and under the pretext of asking for benefits, he also became entangled with Ying Sui. Unable to tolerate the trouble, Ying Xi promised to exchange people with money. Just about to take him back to the mansion, Mi Chen suddenly came forward to stop him, first soldiers and then salute, pointing to Ying Xi a clear way.

Returning to the country without an edict, robbing prison without authorization, no matter who it is, has violated the Qin law, it is really not worth adding to the crime of private fighting. Now in front of Ying Huan, it is not only about the throne, but also about survival. He can only watch Mi Chen take away Ying foreigners, like a walking corpse, suffering from Shicang’s anger and heartache.

Considering that the orphan girl is helpless and has a life-saving grace, Zhao Ji decided to lead her to escape. However, on the way, he was discovered by the city soldiers. After Shen Yue was responsible for the break, he blocked the city soldiers from pursuing them and ensured that Zhao Ji’s mother, son and orphan would leave first.

Just as the three rushed to the gate of the city, the people on both sides unexpectedly made a noise. Hearing the sound, they looked up and saw that a group of Wei troops from far to near, magnificent like tigers and wolves, directly camped outside the city to resist the Qin army. Seeing this situation, Shen Yue believes that it is not suitable to leave the city now, and it is safe to hide in the city.

In the Great Hall of Chu State, Xinling King Wei Wuji personally led his troops to help. It was righteous, and Xiaocheng King Zhao Danyou was pleased. It’s a pity that the six countries of Shandong should be mutually dependent. Only South Korea and Qi are not willing to send troops. Now they can only wait for Chun Shenjun news.

Because Wang Lu had been defeating the city for a long time, and the Wei army was stationed in Handan, he immediately sent an emergency report to Xianyang. Qin Chen Mengyu feared that this campaign would be unfavorable to the Qin army, and truthfully conveyed to Yingji, seeking countermeasures. Yingji was not afraid of the military strength of the Wei state, and only took into account the imbalance of the military spirit, so he ordered Wang Lu and Wang Ling to speed up the time to attack the city and take Handan as soon as possible.

The day of the summoning arrived as scheduled, and Qian Chen accompanied the eldest sister Hua Yang to sit upright. It was supposed to be a quiet room. Suddenly, when the door opened and closed, Chu Le came. Ying Yiren dressed in Chu clothes, played on a panpipe, and drew Mrs. Huayang to tears of homesickness with a song called “Mr. Cloud”. He was moved, and even his tone was very kind. After the end of the song, Ying Yiren folded his hands, bowed his head, and sat down respectfully, named “Zi Chu” by Mrs. Huayang.

Since the Ying Renren stepped into the temple, Lu Buwei stood in front of the Corridor with his hand in his hand. He didn’t move for a long time. He didn’t know how the interview was going. Mrs. Huayang is in a good mood, and she intends to point out the marriage for Ying Renren, who is the Korean princess Han Ni.

Unwilling to betray his beloved wife Zhao Ji, Ying Yiren quickly confessed that he had married and had children in Chu State. However, Mrs. Hua Yang didn’t care, even if Ying Yan had a sense of belonging, if she was the future crown prince of Qin, she should never put the handle on the enemy country, or even marry a lowly maidservant as his wife. In the past, most of the descendants of the royal family were involuntarily involuntarily, and all conspiracies ended up being conspiracies, thinking about the cumbersomeness, and the spear was justified.

Lu Buwei’s attempt to break Madam Huayang’s intention is nothing more than to control the Winner by the way through marriage. Qin Ting’s various roads are mixed, with nine bends and eighteen bends. You can see Mi’s handwriting. If the foreigner chooses to resist, he will never be able to stand up in this life. In the end, Ying Yiren agreed to get married, and under the witness of Mrs. Huayang and Mi Chen, they drank wine with Han Ni and formally became a couple.

At the border of Handan, Zhao Guo’s war book was sent to the Qin army camp, and Wang Lu was invited to fight in Mingchen. The next day, Chunshen ruled Zhao, and the three forces joined forces to besieged the Qin army. The yellow sand was everywhere, and the grief was tingling. This battle of less to more was about to start.

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